Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm Review

When it comes to lip balm for me there are two major contenders in the ring: Carmex and Lucas Paw Paw, both amazing and both a short priced favourite.
But now one of them has stepped it up a notch and has taken over the winners belt… “DING, DING, DING” the winner is Carmex.
Because they have a small range of tinted balms, that suit every face. The sheer tint is very subtle and can be used on any day. Keeping both my lips pretty and moisturised.
These are called the Moisture Plus range and RRP for $8.99
There are two shades, well technically three if you count the sheer as a shade…
So yes as I mentioned there is Moisture Plus clear. I find this to be my every day lip balm as it is ultra hydrating and hasn’t got a colour but just a light sparkle.
Then there is the Moisture Plus Sheer Pink. This is my favourite shade out of the two coloured ones. I love how it is light and lightweight on my lips. Some balms that hydrate feel oily and gross on the lips but I never have this problem.
The last shade is the Moisture Plus Sheer Peach. As the title would suggest this is a light Peach Shade. This one is a lot less noticeable on my lips the then pink but I also do not think it suits my lips and if I use a lot can make me look sick and paled lipped. Still each to their own and some would love this shade.

With a Carmex® lip balm sold every 29 seconds around the globe, it’s no wonder Australians are reaching for the famous lip balm to help combat the winter beauty blues.
Carmex is one of the world's most loved lip balms with ingredients including Lanolin, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Beeswax and Menthol. Best known for the famous Carmex 'tingle' and moisturizing effects, Carmex lip balm is a must have accessory for your handbag or make up kit.
Whether you’re looking for a lip balm to help protect your lips from chapping or wanting a subtle hint of colour for a cool night out, Carmex has your lips sorted.
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