My Mother's Day pack's from Nivea

This Mother’s Day I am hoping for some pure and natural products. Now I know I have made a wish list and gift guide already but I just could not go past the beautiful and super affordable packs from Nivea this year.
My favourite is the Nivea Pure and Natural Pack $ 20

Pure & Natural Body Lotion 400mL
Pure & Natural Lip Care Milk and Honey
Pure & Natural Soothing Day Cream 50mL
Pure & Natural Hand Cream 75mL
These packs are amazing value for money and work out being a lot cheaper then just buying the products alone.  
I will confess sometimes I purchase a gift pack for myself instead of individual products as it works out cheaper in the long run and I often get bonus items and products in the packs that you just cannot buy, for example the beauty bags.

Nivea’s Pure & Natural range has been on the blog before and you can read my thoughts here. Hence the reason I really would be more then happy to receive any of these packs for Mother’s Day- or any gifting occasion.
These packs can be found at your local Chemist Warehouse along with these other pack, which are also a tiny $20