The Body Shop has me going Nutty

The Body Shop have again sold me on an Autumn Scent, and one I could see myself using through Winter and even in the warmer season.

If I was not given the opportunity to smell the products and given samples then Brazil nut would not have been something I would have purchased.  That is the thing I love about The Body Shop, is when you walk in every single product for sale has samples that you can smell and try out on your skin/body.
Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil $25.95
The oils are just about the only thing I have not used from the Body Shop and this is due to the fact I had the perception they would make me greasy and slimy. But The Body Shop have made their Beautifying Oils formula into something that soaks into the skin and just feels like super hydrated skin. My scaly legs were gone after using this just the one time.
My favourite time to use this product is when I have just shaved my legs as it does not aggravate my legs and pores, but leaves my legs looking fantastic.
Brazil Nut Cream Body Scrub $27.95
So Autumn/Winter I don’t use scrubs as much as I turn into a bath person and tend to soak it up in a bath. Not only that my skin already gets really dry in Autumn and I don’t want to go and make matter worse by using a scrub.
In Autumn I will use this once a week at the most, so a tub of this will generally last me ALL of Autumn and Winter.

The smell is just as beautiful as the oil but with a more creamier smell, I love this and cannot wait to use it come Summer… Think this will become my favourite then.
Brazil Nut Shower Cream $12.95
Now this is the product that sits in my shower now for the odd occasion I am in a hurry and just want to have a shower instead of a bath.
During the weekdays in the morning I have a shower and then of the night time every second night I soak in the bath.  The cream also works in the bath as I am not a bar of soap kind of girl so I like a liquid form that foams and lathers great, which is exactly what this shower cream does.  It is more of a creamy texture then a suds texture though, but I prefer that.  
Brazil Nut Body Butter $27.95
Just speaking about the Body Butter gets me relaxed… I LOVE, LOVE The Body Shop’s range of Body Butters. The body butter side of things really tames the scent down and this would be the perfect product for those looking for a light scented product.
I am a little different though and LOVE a product that keeps me smelling delicious throughout the day. I tend to lather this stuff on and then put more over top once it has dried. I find this strengthens the scent and makes it last longer on my skin.
If you wanted to find out more on The Body Shop’s Brazil Nut Range then head to the link below.
These are not the only Brazil Nut Products available at The Body Shop but they are certaintly my favourite. The other brazil nut product of mine is the body mist, THIS right here is the product that will leave you smelling like a Brazil Nut all day.
What fragrances do you LOVE at The Body Shop for Autumn/Winter?