Tried and Tested: BizzyBox

Buzzing Bee BizzyBox to help cure the girls Holiday Boredom
I know it is meant to Spring with nice weather and all, but no matter what we do or how much Orange juice and vitamins we take we always seem to get sick this time of the year. When the girls get sick I really don’t like taking them out as they get quite grumpy and just want to snuggle on the couch. When my youngest is sick and the eldest is not I always try and find something for her to do.
Thankfully BizzyBox has come to our rescue this time around and saved Hayley from the holiday boredom.
So you may be asking What is BizzyBox?
BizzyBox ( is an exciting monthly subscription service featuring educational and learning toys specifically designed for children aged 3-7 years of age. Including arts and crafts, science activities and imaginative play, BizzyBoxes are designed by teachers and education specialists to help develop transductive reasoning, stimulate imagination and refine fundamental skills of sorting, sequencing, counting, memory and puzzling in an exciting way outside the classroom. Parents too will look forward to playtime as their child cuts, pastes, draws, traces and threads. Now, that’s Boxed up brilliance!
Packed with three exciting and uniquely-themed (from the Circus to the Farm) educational activities, BizzyBox caters for varying interests and learning abilities, to help keep kids entertained and at the same time develop fundamental skills at each stage of early childhood. Heralded as a novel and modern educative tool, these magic little boxes have already attracted the attention of hundreds of children, schools, kindergartens and parents nationwide.
‘BizzyBox has a balance of toys, craft and problem solving activities to improve motor and cognitive development. Each box encourages socialisation and active interest in interactive play,’ says Founder Caroline Tate.  

BizzyBoxes will enchant and delight with interchangeable monthly themes which provide just the right amount of instruction and inspiration for children to enjoy success and stimulate imagination.

We were sent the Let’s Explore Bugs Box.
In the box we found things to make a

Butterfly Paint and Print- This was my daughter’s favourite one to make was the Butterfly Paint and Print. I think this was so because the second time around we let Hails use some finger painting and created a second one with finger dots rather then using the paint brush.

Flying Bee- This one was a lot harder for her to do by herself but she was more then happy for me to help her and watch the bee fall into place.  We found it quite hard to make it “fly” on a door knob so we ended up hanging it from my daughters roof and watch it fly that way. In the end when it is all created it actually looks really good!!

Bee and Beetle Tic Tac Toe- With this one I helped Hails drawing the actual design on the bugs and beetles but apart from that she did everything all by herself and loved being able to pop her smock on again. This provided lots of fun and when she finished playing tic tac toe she took the rocks (bugs and beetles) into the garden and made them a little wonderland which I thought was super cute and imaginative.

Our girls will get glitterized with the Fairytale BizzyBox, whilst boys can clown around with a Circus related theme.
Tiered pricing (
$49.90 for two months
$99.80 for four months
 $142.20 for six months
 $274.45 for 12 months
 means children and parents have the flexibility to trial a broad suit of products across a range of categories without any waste. Now, that’s child’s play!