Christmas gift ideas with Smiggle

You know you’re the cool kid when your parents buy you Smiggle, I remember it was the best feeling ever when my Dad used to buy me Smiggle gear. There range is forever changing and forever growing, I am always eager to see what is new in store (or my inbox.)

Now lets get down to Christmas talk J
When I cannot find that perfect gift for a child or have no ideas left I always turn to my trusty Smiggle store at Epping Plaza, but when I do I ALWAYS end up walking out there with gifts for myself haha (the kid in me will never leave.)

So I thought I would pop together my top 5 Smiggle Gifts for Christmas.

The First of these items is

Penguin Electric Sharpener- $19.95
This little guy is a must have for any desk, easily sharpen pencils in a flash. 7cm x 7cm. Height 10cm
Where you see Christmas you will always see super cute penguins, so I thought that this was more then fitting. If I was going to give it as a gift I would put a Christmas Ribbon around the box and I would be done.
Next year I face the first ever experience of school and having to deal with all the stationary. I do remember as a child though mum dreading having to sharpen all our new pencils and grey-leads, so I know this will make my life so much easier (so thank you Smiggle and Michele :-P)
It also is not strictly Christmas and could be used any time of the year, not just in December.

Shake Me Up Rocket Lamp- $14.95

Pull the plastic tab from the base, give it a shake and watch it light up like a disco and see the glitter sparkle. Batteries included.
4 colours to choose from.Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink
Now I remember having a lava lamp when I was a kid and then mum taking it off me as she heard of experiences where they would warm up too much and explode. So luckily there is nothing to worry about with this super cute Rocket Lamp that you shake up and watch the pretty silver glitter float around in the lit up water. We were actually given one of these super cute lamps and I have caught my daughter getting up to the toilet holding the lamp like a candle guiding her way. It is not a big lamp at all and perfect for them little girls and boys.

Pencil Case- Bubble Spot $14.95

 Bright, cute and super durable, these spotty bubble hardtop pencil cases are lined with felt and feature two mesh pockets.
I love how compact this Pencil case is and how it has just the right amount of spaces to put them pens, pencils and other accessories.
There are some really cool colours and there is the even a cute pack that comes with the accessories in there and is only $29.95, and well worth your cent.
Buying your child or someone elses child a present that will help them get creative to productive is much better then sweets or something that will be thrown out in a few months.
I actually went down and bought myself one so that I could use it with blogging and take them necessities with me to events to take notes and what not (maybe a sneaky signature here and there.)

Watch Treats- $19.95

Complete your Smiggle treats look with these cool analog time display watches(batteries included). Floating graphic elements with silicone band and graphic features.

This one is for them older kids or those that like to be on time and not loose track. I know when I started high school I would almost always be late for a period of school as we weren’t aloud to check our phones in school and that was my only means of time. Plus this is a great treat to teach the children how to tell the time properly and even learn numbers. We already have a digital clock in the girl’s room so I can often ask Hayley what the time is, in the hope she will get the hang of it and help her to learn how to tell the time. Perfect for a filler or to find a gift for that some little body that is all too hard.

Glow Light Up Ring- $4.95

Motion activated light rings. Pull out the tab and watch it light up as you move! internal diameter of 15mm. This is a common children's ring size and recommended for ages 4-12 depending on the finger.

This is a perfect stocking filler or great for those little girls that have behaved them self and deserve a treat. I used to look for lollies at the shop when the girls behaved themselves, but now if they don’t get three crossed up near their names then I will take them down to Smiggle to find their self something small, or sometimes it is The Reject Shop.
Both my girls love this ring and I even wear it on my pinky finger and watch whenever it is tapped it lights up with a bright white light and giggle like a child. 
It is only a little plastic kids ring but can bring a lot of joy to a little ones life and bling them out (literally.)

So that is my top 5, from the more expensive to the cheaper gift I hope I have given you some Smiggly ideas.

My love for Smiggle will forever grow and if you have never been into a Smiggle store I would more then encourage any parent to have a look (even those bigger kids.)

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