My tour of Bertocchi

The other night I was more then humbled to have been invited to the Bertocchi factory to find out more in depths what this brand was all about. The factory is located just around the corner from me in Trawalla Avenue, Thomastown (there is also a Deli there where you can buy your fresh Bertocchi products from.)

It is a brand that I got to play with and try out quite a bit at the Pizza Masterclass, which was held at the offices of the lovelies at Keep Left. Basically this was a follow on of that night and my love for the product has grown since that night.

So when I arrived I was greeted by the lovely Tony from Bertocchi and of course the super sweet Alice was not far behind me. The night started off in the board room, which was a room FILLED with awards and appreciations not to mention all the advertising and places you can see Bertocchi’s advertising.

One thing I love is how important cleanliness is to the whole team and they really make sure nothing is contaminated and is clean at all times. I learnt how the meat is cured and also turned into all my favourite continental yummies.

Heading out to the warehouse I stood in the place where hundreds and thousands of kg’s of Bertocchi products are trucked out to the stores for us to enjoy. A sneak peak of one of the fridges revealed to me just how much meat is made and shipped out in just one day, which goes to show a lot more people then just little old me love Bertocchi and its products.

Talking to Tony I found out that Bertocchi is one of the not so many companies left out there that WILL NOT cut any corners when it comes to a quality product and they will NOT add extra water into their products to make their product weigh more like a lot of other brands on the market do.

Also I got the chance to take a glimpse into the history of Bertocchi and where it originated from.  Modesto Bertocchi came to Australia from Tuscany in 1948 with only a single suitcase and a mind full of ideas and dreams. Little did  he know they would become reality and  be a family company that would continue to grow and be loved long after he passed away. The company is still now run by two Mr. Bertocchi’s and I think will only ever be a family run company as the history runs so rich and has always been run from the Thomastown site.

On our way back into the boardroom we made a pit stop into the kitchen where there was a massive fridge FULL of yummy Bertocchi products. Here Tony treated Alice and myself to some Mortadella and Prosciutto; if dinner was not waiting for me I could have eaten myself sick!!  But rest assured I was given some to take home and scoff down in the comforts of my four walls- meaning I will be eating VERY well for the next weeks lunches! I have hid my package at the bottom of the fridge (where my partner does not look) so that he doesn’t devour them before I do :-P

Bertocchi is a brand that is forever growing and will be the main guest at our Christmas Party at home, as Christmas just is not Christmas without a Bertocchi Christmas Ham!!

Talking about the growth of Bertocchi they actually brought out a brand that went under and that brand is San Marino. It was a SA brand and quite similar to Bertocchi but very different at the same time. This brand has a lot more continental products and there is something in there for all tastes.

Bertocchi can be found in so many deli's and of course in my regular shopping market Woolworths. 

So I shall now leave you guys so I can finish my prosciutto wrap chicken bites.