Aeroplane Jelly Sweet Treats Launch

We love the moose from Jelly World don’t we Mads is the words I have just heard from my eldest daughters mouth. This has motivated me to get off Candy Crush and back into the blogesphere (and I was almost through the level.)

The whole morning Hayley kept asking “Are we going to Jelly World Mum?!” And I kept telling her there was no such thing, only for us to arrive at the The Rooftop of The Cullen. The Cullen is located on commercial road in Prahan and we were there for the Aeroplane Jelly Sweet Treats Launch. When we walk in Hayley says to me “See there is such thing as a Jelly World!!!”

Well it may not have been a real jelly world but it had her convinced and her imagination running wild. There was a massive table at the back of the room that both my kids ran for as soon as we got in the room where the lovelies had set up Aeroplane Jelly Colouring In books and activities.  For the whole afternoon I sat there Singing: “ I love aeroplane jelly, aeroplane jelly for me.” (in my head of course and not out loud haha.

So Aeroplane Jelly has been around for more then 85 years and has been in many generations of my family and is a product we all love. I remember my grandma’s jelly cups she used to make for us kids when we went on picnics and also my mums amazing jelly slice which was used with Aeroplane Jelly’s jelly. I use it all the time for the kids when making them jelly and also I make ADULT ONLY vodka Jelly shots with Aeroplane Jelly.

But now Aeroplane Jelly have expanded to a new level and brought out a whole heap of new and VERY yummy products. The NEWEST of these products are the brand NEW
Aeroplane Jelly Sweet Treats
They are very easy to make and do not require any cooking and the instructions are easy to follow.  It is also a great way for me to teach the girls basic cooking skills in the kitchen and to simply enjoy themselves.

There are a small range available which include strawberry jelly slice or lime Jelly Slice- each pack makes 12 servings (and they are decent.) There’s also the chocolate mousse or choc honeycomb mousse, each pack makes 6 MASSIVE serves, I actually get about 8 servings from it.

The Jelly Slice retails for a tiny $4.99 and the mousses are only $3.74 and can be bought from your local Woolworths.

My favourite of the sweet treats was certainly the Choc Honeycomb mousse with sprinkle crunchie over the top. I could have easily eaten myself sick with this mousse and has to be the best stuff EVER!!!

From the slices range I tried the Lime Jelly Slice and was very impressed, which is huge for me as I am not a jelly slice kind of girl.  Wendy Hargreaves who is a writer/foodie/mum and Aeroplane Jelly lover also explained that if we switch the condensed milk with cream cheese you could turn your slice into a mini cheesecake.         

Now apart from the Sweet Treats range we were also shown some other new goodies from Aeroplane Jelly, which included their super yummy ice-cream toppings and new Jelly Cups, which are ready to eat and no need for the fridge. Hayley could not help herself and asked the ladies if she could eat one straight off the table, and eat she did!!!

The ladies were also SUPER generous and sent me home with a bag full of goodies to take home and get baking and get creating. I will be sure to update you on how this goes. But as we speak I have Madison sitting on me licking the cup clean so no mousse remains (I could not help but make this again!!)

You can find the range here J

I would also love to thank the ladies for allowing me to attend this super delicious launch and afternoon tea, you did an awesome job!!!