NEW Royal Moroccan VS The Old

A rich new design for hair care range Royal Moroccan

Luxurious hair care brand Royal Moroccan is excited to unveil a fresh new look. Deep, rich burgundy will replace the royal blue packaging you have come to know. The beautiful new design is inspired by the colours of Moroccan d├ęcor and is very suitable. The old packaging used to be a bright blue colour and very out there, where as this is all the more classy and reminds me of a product you would find in a 5 star hotel in Morocco.

Along with the reinvigorated new look comes a new addition to the hair treatment family; Royal Moroccan Silver Shampoo. This light-weight formula, designed specifically for blonde and lightened hair, gently cleanses hair leaving it feeling clean and nourished whilst restoring clarity and shine. The special anti-yellow effect reduces unwanted yellow and brassy tones and maintains the condition of gray and white. The treatment protects, moisturizes and revives silvery highlights while keeping a beautiful blonde tone.

The Royal Moroccan range, of treatment and styling products is formulated with natural Argan oil, known for its nutritive, cosmetic and medicinal properties. This combined with other natural ingredients including linen oil and Keratin leaves hair looking and feeling silky and smooth.
The Royal Moroccan range includes:
    Serum Treatment, 100mL RRP $29.95
    Hair Mask Treatment,  250mL RRP $29.95
    Royal Moroccan Nourishing Mask Treatment, 250mL RRP $29.95
    Sulphate-Free Moisturising Shampoo, 300mL RRP $14.95
    Moisturising Conditioner, 300mL RRP $14.95
    Silver Shampoo, 300mL RRP $16.95
    Moisturising Style Cream, 300mL RRP $19.95
    Moisturising Curl Cream, 300mL RRP $19.95
    Sculpting Gel, 300mL RRP $19.95
    Professional Ampoule Treatment, 10mL RRP $9.95

I was sent a couple of products to compare with the old packaging and to see if the product inside the new packaging had change, and I can happily tell you the product inside these containers is still exactly the same with that very distinctive scent. They are both probably my favourites from the range and ones I rely on quite often. So without further a due I bring to you

Serum Treatment
100mL RRP $29.95

Something I brought up in my previous posts on oils in hair and Moroccan Oil in particular is how I was scared to put in on my hair and not be left with a grease ball of a head. Well almost a whole year on from that post and I use Moroccan oil almost every single day of my life, it is not on my hair then it is on my skin.

The main thing I love about Royal Moroccan Oil Serum Treatment is that it instantly kills frizz and I don’t have to wait days for my natural oils to kick back in and tame my frizz, the product does all that for me.

Everyone know I love me a good smelling product and there is nothing I love more then chucking Moroccan Oil or Argan Oil in my hair as the smell is divine and reminds me of my days back my my step-mum.

This is a must for anybody that has hair needing a little bit of tender loving care and is certainly a MUST HAVE for the Spring/Summer months as it puts back what the sun takes out from your hair.

Royal Moroccan Nourishing Mask Treatment
250mL RRP $29.95
For me this product is exactly like their conditioner only much thicker and dense. I only have to leave this on my hair for 5 minutes and as soon as I rinse I can feel the difference.  Using this only once a week makes all the difference to my hair especially because I use my ghd straightener often and it really dries out my hair something shocking, so it is really good to put back what I take out and maintain my soft locks as I hope to keep them for a very long time.

I have busted the man of the house using this before (well not actually in the act) but I left the tub in the shower by mistake one day, and when he got out and walked by me he smelt like a Mr Moroccan Man which isn’t a bad thing; but STAY AWAY FROM MY ROYAL MOROCCAN MR!!!
I got sent the old designed tub probably over 8months ago now and I have just recently used the last of the product and I have long hair. So the tub really goes a long way and you only need a little product.

When I use this I actually just start applying from mid-way down my hair and into the tips. I don’t like using it on the roots of my head as I find in the morning I will wake up with a quite greasy head.

The only negative about this product is the tub it comes in. When I use it in the shower I find water always gets in and the tub becomes quite slippery. I would LOVE to see this come in a pump pack or even a tube that is easier to apply in the shower, but this works great in the bath that is for sure.

That is about it from me, I would love to hear your thoughts on the NEW Royal Moroccan Packaging as apposed to the old… Is it a YEY or a NEY from you?!

Royal Moroccan Serum Treatment, Hair Mask Treatment, Moisturising Styling Cream, Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner are available from Priceline and All other products are available from
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