Please help :-(

Well it turned out that our Halloween become a lot more scarier then planned! Last night was meant to be my girls first swimming lesson but unfortunately only one made it L

Hayley became very sick at about lunch time with what I thought may have been nerves with thoughts on swimming but I was very wrong.

When she took a turn at about 4pm and put herself into bed with full body shivers I knew something was up as this was just out of the ord. I asked her to hop up and come and lay on the couch, where she insisted she still went to swimming Well as soon as her feet hit that ground so did a big chuck.
Alarms started to sound in my head as she didn’t feel sick but really hot. I took her temperature and it read 38.4 then about 10mins later she started to shiver and felt like she was on fire. I then took her temp again and it had jumped to 39.5 So I quickly rushed to the chemist to see if there was something there to help her. The pharmacist gave me a bottle of suppository panadol to put up her you-know-where Well when I got home she was less then impressed with me and kicked up a storm, she had no fight left in her and eventually gave in to me. 

Within half an hour it got her temperature down to 38.2 but we have not been able to get it down any more. She has not vomited since but looks really pale and has no appetite. It got so bad that I decided I would have her on a mattress on the floor right beside my bed for the night, where she is still laying at 10:35.  

I also have a 2year old as you would all know and she is fine, and has not a single thing wrong with her, which makes me wonder if this could be a bug or not as wouldn't both the girls have it?!  

What do you mummies do to help out your little one and get their temperature down?? Tips and hints would be great!!