Fun in the Sun with Neutrogena’s Beach Defence Range

After much debating I have decided which sunscreen product I will be taking for myself when I hit the shores of QLD; I have opted to go with…
 Neutrogena’s Beach Defence Range.
The reason for picking this is this year with the release of SPF 50 I don't think I will eve

r look back to SPF 30+. 

I think also the name helped me decided as when I read its name I picture sitting on the beach in QLD sipping on my Canadian Club and Dry and just lounging around watching the girls splashing in the water. 

NEUTROGENA BEACH DEFENCE™ Sunscreen Lotion - Broad Spectrum SPF50, $16.99
o   Lightweight and absorbs easily
o   Broad spectrum UVA-UVB
o   High protection SPF50
o   Contains moisturizing properties to help relieve dry skin associated the outdoor elements
o   Oil and PABA free
o   Water resistant
o   Hypoallergenic
With Summer comes them nasty UV rays and I could not think of anything worse then coming back from my holiday looking like an over cooked lobster. I know I will get a nice tan as I have Croatian and Kiwi in my blood but I don’t want to over cook.

Being in QLD I know most days will be spent at the theme parks and then the rest will be on the coasts of QLD all day. I know if I wore my tanning oil all day I would still cook and I really don’t want this.

Lately I have actually started to worry as my skin is breaking out in a lot more sun spots then usual, mostly on my arms and my chest. My mum has a melanoma and it runs in the family, so I think my baking in tanning lotion are well and truly over.

I like Neutrogena’s formula as it is not greasy and sand doesn’t stick to my skin like I have applied a layer of glue. It soaks into the skin giving you a HUGE SPF of 50 plus.

Moreover, prolonged exposure to summer elements such as water in the pool or salt water at the beach affects the permeability of the skin’s barrier, making skin more susceptible to potential irritants.

Brand new NEUTROGENA BEACH DEFENCETM Sunscreen range SPF50 forms a protective barrier to defend against harsh summer elements with stabilised HELIOPLEX technology that offers high SPF50 protection. HELIOPLEX technology effectively absorbs hazardous UVA and UVB rays, resulting in ‘photostable’, durable protection - meaning it won’t break down or lose its ability to protect the skin, even when exposed to sunlight.
Also another thing I love about this product is the bright yellow packaging, there is no way known I would not be able to find this in the baby bag or beach bag (thank god!) Gone are the days were I would spend at least 5 minutes rummaging through everything to find the sunscreen.

I wont be using this on the girls, but I will make a post on what I shall be taking for them J