Nivea Shower gel in Sport and Sensitive

Ok so lately I have completely forgotten about Matthew in the bathroom department but have noticed my body wash and soap slowly diminishing… So made me do a little digging and re-searching to find a product that would wash my Mr but also moisturise his flaky sunburnt skin (and also free up more time in the bathroom for me.)
So this is where I found..
Nivea Shower gel in Sport and Sensitive

NIVEA MEN Sport-3-in-1 Shower Gel 
 The perfect gym bag companion, this rejuvenating gel is packed full of minerals and a fresh citrus scent to cleanse and hydrate hair, face and body. 

Matt loves that there is a product for him that he can use all over, literally from head to toe. I also love this as it means more space in the shower for my products haha. But I also love how he is left smelling after this, instead of flowers and blossoms it is much more of a masculine sportsmen kind of smell. This is what I would imagine a guys footy change rooms would smell like mmm. 

NIVEA MEN Sensitive 3-in-1 Shower Gel 
A gentle gel containing nourishing bamboo milk and a calming scent to cleanse and soothe skin without drying it out. 

Different smell, different texture and even a different colour. This is totally different to its brother the sport and I think Matt did prefer the smell of this one over the sport (although I love both of them.) I did notice though the smell of this wash did last longer then the sport for some reason.. 
Matt does not have sensitive skin so he did not noticed whether or not it made a difference to his skin, but you can tell just in the thickness of product this would be more gentle on the skin and would be less likely to irritate the skin. 

This is exactly like the woman’s version but more manly, it does smell very masculine- Something I will not be using in the shower anytime soon unless I want to impress the ladies haha.
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