Helping my Babes bottoms

Ear piercing screams that would sink any mothers heart is what my ears heard while popping my daughter into the bath.. She is two and has started to do everything herself including take her clothes and nappy off before jumping into the bath.  My instant reaction was to feel the water again, thinking I may have made it too hot and when I checked maybe I had not checked properly. But the water was fine, she just wouldn’t go in there.
I laid her down on the bath mat and this is where I was greeted with a bum more red then that of the baboons in the zoo. I had suspected that she was getting some teeth as she has had some really red cheeks and chewing things.  So this confirmed it for me, as this has happened to her each and everytime she teethes.
It is so strange how your child’s bottom can be so raw it bleeds yet the next day, can almost clear up completely and it really does come down to what you use.
And to quickly and gently heal Madison’s bottom and even her older sister when she was younger I turn to:
DESITIN® Nappy Rash Ointment- RRP: $10.49 100g

 Which is a smooth, thick nappy rash treatment that contains 40% Zinc Oxide which forms a protective barrier on baby’s skin to immediately start the healing process. It also contains Vitamin A and D from Cod Liver Oil to soothe and nourish irritated skin.
DESITIN® Nappy Rash Ointment works in 3 ways:

1. Forming a thick protective layer on the skin

2. Blocking out wetness and irritants

3. Protecting and soothing irritated skin, allowing it to heal naturally

I will warn anybody using this cream the cod liver gives it an absolutely revolting oily fish smell. I often put some vanilla scented on top of the cream to help mask the smell as it does come through the nappy. I remember it did actually spoil that beautiful newborn smell, but the results are worth it. I will only ever use this when I get desperate as the smell turns my stomach. But after using many creams on my daughter’s bottom with no results what so ever I always come back to this cream to heal my girls quickly. It says it heals within 3 days but for me with constant use I find the next night, the rash was gone.
Not only do we use this cream on my daughter’s bum, my partner uses this on his chaffing after running. He used to wear skins but they have began to annoy him and needs to find a comfortable pair that supports him where he needs it. He doesn’t mind the smell though and says it isn’t that bad, and plus it gives him instant relief.
But it is not only healing the rash, you also need to think before the cream goes onto that raw skin. Could you imagine wiping an open cut or graze with a scented wipe, or one that burns? No, so I is important to use a water-based wipe that will not make things worse for your poor little one, and that is where these wipes are perfect.
JOHNSON’S baby cleansing wipes
80 Wipes RRP $4.49 but you can get a larger pack which is 240 wipes for $10.99.

These extra-soft wipes contain a water-based cleanser that is specially designed for gentle all over cleansing. Clinically proven pure and mild they are perfect for use on messy hands, faces and bottoms to leave them feeling clean and refreshed. And with JOHNSON’S® exclusive NO MORE TEARS® formula, these wipes are gentle enough to use around baby’s delicate eyes.
There is absolutely no smell with the wipes, which is the perfect thing for an aggravated bottom that riddled with nappy rash. I did not actually know the Johnson had these wipes, and I am so glad these were sent to me for review as they have opened my eyes to an amazing product. When I use the word amazing you know the product is good, as only good products get that label from me. Scented wipes don’t do much for me, unless I am using them on my girls skin rather then their bottoms because they have sensitive skin down there (like all of us I suppose.)
I also love the thickness of all Johnson’s wipes and barely try any other wipes due to the fact I hate their thickness. There is nothing worse then having your fingers break through the wipes and into the poop. Or having to use 4-5 wipes in one change to completely clean the area.
**I have been sent both of these products for review and in now way shape or form been paid to do so. The review is my opinion and my opinion only. If your child has nappy rash you are worried about, please go to your Dr for advice.