My Queensland Diary

Tuesday 8th October 2013

So today is flight day and I would not say I am nervous but more counting down them moments until I get on the plane.
The plane ride itself was not to bad I think it was mainly due to the fact that I prepared myself for a 3 hour flight whereas it was only a 1hr 40min flight.
Hayley and Madison coped extremely well with the flight and we had no dramas at all. There was a little turbulence coming down to Coolangatta through the clouds but nothing major. Hayley did complain a tiny bit of her ears popping on the decent into QLD as well.

When we got into the airport I was expecting some pretty intense humid weather. It was quite humid and sticky but not as bad as it is pumped up to be, I quite like it to be honest. The rental car we got, we weren’t expecting to take the pram so we booked a Nissan Tiida but there was no way we would be able to fit all our belongings into that tiny car. Instead of even trying I asked if we could get an upgrade and we did to a brand spanking new Peugeot 4008 fresh to the Thrifty Team. Now this would probably have to be my dream family car now and something I could only ever dream of owning.

The apartments we stayed at were called the 2nd Avenue Apartments and our room was 22C- located 22 floors up. I wouldn’t say it was anything flash at all but for me I would pay the money just for the stunning, almost breathtaking views. I could easily stay out on the balcony and just look into the ocean and watch the whales splash away and play, Or the surfers carving up the swell.  We are literally across the tiny road from the beach and probably a 1minute walk down (most of which is spent in the lift!!)

The girls absolutely love it here and I cannot wait for our first family holiday to unfold.

Weds 9th October 2013

Sooo today there was not much on the cards except to settle in a little and investigate our surroundings. When Ann-Maree told me there were early mornings to be had, as it gets quite warm up here and quite bright early I did not expect a 5am start. It wasn’t even bright in our room as were more situated to the side but boy does it get humid and stuffy in the room. But it was so strange I didn’t have to peel myself out of bed or anything, instead I woke up nice a early and just went on my way as if it was 9am not 5am. I think eventually these early mornings will creep up on me though and will pay the toll in a few days to come.

After out breakfast, which consisted of toasted sangas and cereal we decided we would head down the beach for a walk and to also take the girls to the park that is directly across the road from us.

So the girls had a little play at the park and we went on our merry way up the road (on foot of course) down to the strip of shops to get the girls a drink and see what was up there. There wasn’t anything special and almost all of the shops were closed, which is a very strange feeling. But the girls were happy as they got their Slurpee’s with popping rocks so it was worth it for them.

On the walk back form the shops we took the beach route and Matt dragged the pram along in the sand so that the kids could frolic in the water and sand. At first Madison was not to keen and would not go anywhere near the water line. But after Daddy taking her ankle deep and walked with her for a while she warmed up and began getting a little bit more confident. Then a bigger wave came crashing into the sand pushing her over onto her bottom, me worried she wont ever want to go to the beach again scurried over to pick her up and consult her. Only for her to want to go back for more and get even wetter then she already was.  
As for Hayley she was straight into the water splashing around and running around like she was born on the beach. This babe fit in perfectly with her skinny bod and tanned skin!! It was actually quite tough to get her out of the water to be perfectly honest.

We went back to the apartment for a while and then decided it was time to try out the indoor pool and give it a whirl. This was great fun and provided us with at least 3 hours of fun.

For lunch we had fish and chips from across the road. One thing I have noticed up here though, they make their Dori and chips super greasy oily and leave a gross taste in your mouth.

3pm and it was time to get all ready to attend the Big Brother LIVE eviction show at Dreamworld.
Gates opened at 4:30 but we got there at like 4:45 and the lines were absolutely enormous and the wait to get in was quite long. We got into the studio at probably 5:30, but had plenty of time to spare before the show.  But standing in line was such a HUGE tease as we were lined up right next to Dreamworld, which looks like any child’s dream (and mine.)

At the show there was Ben (winner from last years BB) The sugar sisters, Tully, Oat A La Layla and Ryan (last years hotty) The housemates family were also there which was great to see.

Unfortunately we were there for the night that poor Benny Boy was evicted L  (CRIES) But luckily for me we were sat right by the stage where the evictee enters. Here is where I was lucky enough to hold Ben’s hand as he looked me in the eye saying Thank you HAHAHA … Made me shake after that.

It was so surreal to be at the studio where the record something I watch every single day and also to have held the hand of probably one of my favourite housemates…
Afterwards Matt took me for a drive to the main strip of Surfer’s Paradise, and now I know why they would call it that. The city itself was nothing special and quite outdated compared to Melbourne but it was beautiful right on the beach. There was not much to see at night except for the bright lights and people everywhere. The city was also setting up for the Indie (or whatever they are called races.)

And here I am now writing to you from bed, it is only 10:42 but I am absolutely wrecked. I did get up at 5am so it really has been a long one.  Night xx

Thursday 10th October

It is only 8:12pm QLD but I cannot believe the kids have not dropped like flies yet!!! Today was a MASSSIVE day at Movieworld and I can now confirm my childhood dream has come true, and I loved being able to spend it with my family.

Watching the girls faces light up as they went on the rides that had the right height restrictions had to be the best feeling I have felt in a long time. Hayley was straight into it and roaring to go but Madison took a little bit to warm to it, but when she did she was a ball of excitement.

I really need to thank Movieworld for providing us with a family pass to this amazing park and of course there other ones which we are yet to explore.

Now confirming I went on EVERY single ride at Movieworld and my two favourite rides would have to have been the Superman ride and also the Arkham Asylum. Both were hell scary but Superman you reach one negative (whatever its is called.) And the Arkham one your turned upside down in full 360’s and reach speeds up to 80kms hr.

For me this was something huge, as I mentioned above it has been a dream of mine since I was about 10 to be able to go to the theme parks in QLD and today was my first.

The girls got to meet all the characters they watch on the TV and were even able to watch the daily parade, which for them was the best part. Nanna and Pah took them off onto the kid rides while we went on the bigger rides.  And they came back with lollies and even some cool airbrush tatts!!!

We had lunch at the buffet there, I think it was called Ricky’s something.. But there I ate the best piece of pizza in my life. It was some sort of chicken pizza but the sauce they used was absolutely amazing.

Well that was my BIG day today, and I could probably blab on about it for days as I had an absolute blast and arrived at opening and left at closing… And I almost had to be dragged out of there.
Mind the face of this, the whole spooky theme was set up for Fright Nights

Oh there was also a really cool deal on where if you bought a USB for $50 you could go on whatever rides you wanted to and have the images put on there, which was fantastic value for money. Every ride I went on (which was ALL of the them) I bought the cards that you pop your pictures in so I can print them back at home.  All the souveniers and stuff are also very cheap and worth the spend.

Friday 11th October

Today was Dreamworld/White Water World, but before we started our adventure we decided to head in early and get a glimpse of the Metricon stadium, which is where the Gold Coast Suns play and more or less the home of Gary Ablett jnr. After driving by a couple of times we were well on our way to Dreamworld.

After lining up out front of Dreamworld when we went to Big Brother LIVE evictions I was very keen to get my big bottom into this park.
We started the day of in the kids area where the girls played along with Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and so much more. The two rides which were Hayley’s favourite was the Shrek round a bout and also the Shrek Merry Go Round.

After exploring the kids world for a bit we headed into the Tiger Park where there was a Tiger names Nika laying on the glass having a nap above our heads. Matt picked Madison up and popped her near the glass, Nika must have seen this as prey and swipe her hand and showed them pearly whites.. Madison would not go near the tigers after this experience haha.

Then Jordan, Matt and myself left the girls with Ann-Maree and Terry and shot of to the Tower Of Terror II (quite literally.) This was a great ride and we did it again at the end of the day.

We then went and met up with the in-laws for the Tiger show, which was absolutely amazing. I could not believe how amazingly smart and trained these tigers were, I could have easily sat there and watched them for the entire day.

After this we were all off to the Wiggles world where the day really began to fire up and get hot (thanks QLD!!) But in there Matt and myself jumped off on the Big Red Car ride and that was it for us and the kiddie stuff, it was time to get the adrenaline pumping.

Went on this stupid motorbike ride (Mick Duin or something) which was pathetic, the lines were huge and there was no thrill at all; very disappointing.

My favourite part of the day was meant to be the BB tour until I found out all it was, was a walk on the stage where they would take photos… that was it! Meh to that and we left.
On the right you can see Matt waving and myself to the right of him.

Then Matt and Myself went on the Giant Drop which was absolutely AMAZING and oh so scary at the same time. I think I competley pushed my limits and could have almost passed out when going on this. Jordan was to scared to come on the first time but when he saw how much fun we had we wanted to go on. He did go on but it was later on in the day after buzz saw.

Talking about the Buzz Saw, I would have to say this is one  of the most stomach churning and probably most scariest ride of the theme park. I did love it though, as I am a bit of an adrenaline junky and would have gone on it many of times if it wasn’t for the crazy lines.

The other stand out ride for me was the Zombie Evilution. It scared the living daylights out of me literally and is very much a fright one that reminds your of something out of a movie. You have zombies coming at you and scaring the absolute jebuz out of you.

After this we did a few other rides here and there and headed over to White Water World where we met up with the in-laws and girls who were having a ball in the wave pool.

Matt and Jordan went off and did their own thing here and I stayed with the girls taking snaps of them playing in the water. There is no better feeling then watching them girls having fun with a smile from ear to ear.

Dreamworld and White Water World and two parks that we shall be returning to that is for sure.

Saturday 12th October

This was the day we met up with my mum at the Carrara Markets, which is absolutely huge and one heck of a walk around. I wouldn’t say it was anything special but there certainly was a bargain to be had. Here I bought myself some hippy pants for $20 and a dream catcher, but this was about all we bought.

After the Carrara Market we headed on down to the Surf outlets where Matt shopped up a little storm. As for me I only bought a couple of items but saved myself quite a bit of cash in doing so.  We will be heading back here though as I didn’t know they had kids outlets at the back.

All day I was super excited for the Fright Nights evening and was hoping for a real scare. When we arrived at 6:20 we were greeted by a massive cue that banked so far out on the freeway it was just not funny.

I am sorry but before I go on about the actual fright nights I would like to start off with a rant and something that to be quite honest with you PISSED ME OFF!!! Movieworld (Warner Brother, whatever) need to stop being all about the cash and actually focus on the experience!!! The whole night I paid to go into fright nights only to be lining up the whole night. I swear we arrived at 6:30 and left at 10pm and only went through two of the mazes, that was it!!!!! Didn’t get the chance to go on any rides or anything, absolutely pathetic by Movieworld to let so many people in that gate and for such a little amount of time.

The effects and costumes were great and there was one maze I went on that I liked and that was the evil dead or something which had an amazing set and setup. Everything else was a wait and a line, just ruined my night.

If I had known about how horrible it would have been inside with lines and waiting I would not have paid good money to go…. Oh and if you wanted to jump the lines just once for all of them it would have cost you an extra $75 on top of your $40 entry fee….

Sunday 13th October

Today was a pretty cruisey day as we figured that everything would be packed on a weekend. So instead we planned to hit up the local beach and go down to the surf club for breakfast. It was a beautiful breakfast and I think we mainly paid for the view.

Half way through breakfast Nanna and Pa came along and met us there, and planned to come down to the beach with us. And the beach we did J It was very windy and sand was going everywhere. I did not really swim in the water but did go into the water waist high.

I can’t even explain my day without saying the QLD sun absolutely hates me and I got completely fried. It is now Tuesday as I am writing this and I am walking around like my skin has been peeled right off my body that is how sore it was.

There’s not much to talk about today as it was a beach/pool relaxing in the room kind of day, and a well-deserved rest.

Monday 14th October

Early start again today, I don’t think there has been a day that I have woken up after 6… The sun shines so bright in your room and it gets really hot fast, reminds me of when we go camping to be honest with you.

But it didn’t matter getting up early as we had breakfast planned in the Meehan’s room at 7:-7:30. Which consisted of pancakes, ice-cream and fresh strawberries. There was also the good old bacon and eggs of course, which is a bit of a Meehan must have to breakfast.

After breakfast we were off for a little road trip across the border of NSW and into Byron Bay. The start of the trip did not go to plan though as there was a car at the Byron exit that caught fire closing all lanes south bound. We waited over 30mins to get off this FWY and more all of about 3kms. But when we eventually did exit we were greeting by an absolutely stunning beach.

The first thing you notice when hitting Byron Bay is all the hippies and back packers around, it gives a kind of cool feeling to Byron Bay. I was looking forward to the shopping up here but to be honest there was nothing special and if there was it was extremely over priced and just not worth the spend.

I did have the best ice-cream of my life up here which was a combo of Mars Bar and then also Honeycomb Banana with real honeycomb pieces inside.

We had lunch at Beach Hotel for Kellies birthday which was quite lovely. I think we were meant to go for a swim, but by the time we finished walking the beach it was time to leave and I had honestly had enough.

For dinner I cooked the first meal of the apartment which was pasta Bolognese.

This was the day and tomorrow we are off for Seaworld WOOHOO, another theme park!!

Tuesday 15th October

Ok, so I may have already said this before but today I went to the best theme park QLD has to offer by far- Seaworld.

I love animals and especially sea creature so this is probably why, it could be because I am a picease. But my biggest childhood dream did come true today and that was getting the chance to come up close and personal with the dolphins and getting the chance to have my photo taken patting one. If I were to move up to QLD I would make it my mission to become a handler or trainer in Seaworld.

We also got a family photo with a seal in the seal theatre, which was really cool and a lovely photo; one for the wall that is for sure!!  For the dolphin pic and the seal pic it only cost $100 and that even included a photo package!

There were not many rides but that did not bother me or the girls either, they had loads of fun interacting and watching all the shows.

Seaworld is great as well because you go and see all the shows and work things in between. The girls both got to play and pat the stingrays which was a highlight for them.

A lot of the larger rides were shut down for maintenance so the one Matt wanted to go on (only adrenaline one) had a huge line and he gave up about 5 minutes into waiting haha.

Today I didn’t feel to crash hot at all so it was great getting out and taking my mind off my body and not feeling well. And driving home we took the more scenic way home along Surfers Paradise beach.. but not intentionally haha. Matt was concentrating on an old man speeding on by to get in front of him and had to chuck a left, but it turned out being the better way anyway. 

Surfers Paradise is transforming for the Gold Coast 600 or whatever it is, and it reminded me of being back in Melbourne when they set up for the Grand Prix. I don’t ever want to leave QLD but thinking about it, I don’t think I could last their Summer through, the Spring is hot enough for me and no CYCLONES!!!

16th October 2013

Ok so today was a catch up day and a kind of fill in day to go back on the things we missed out on.

We started the day off at Wet n Wild, but didn’t stay there as long as what was planned due to the fact that the girls were to young for a lot of the rides and the day wasn’t the warmest or sunniest.

The girls did go on a couple of things but spent the most of the hour on the pirate ship water playground. Then we decided it was of for some Maccas and then head back to Movieworld for our second time.

Well Movieworld was all about the shows today and we would fit in whatever rides we could in between.  My favourite of all the shows was of course the stunt drivers. Some of the moves and tricks these boys can do was absolutely unbelievable and a real treat to watch. It was a little annoying though Matt wanting to sit front row.. This meant for us we had to sit in the boiling hot sun for a good 40minutes before the show start and then remain there for the rest of the show.

The girls watched the parade and also went to the Scooby Doo show and Batman show loving both of them.

They also got to fit quite a bit of the kids worlds rides into the mix and had a MASSIVE day! Today was all about the girls and the girls it was.

It is now 7:03 and we’re off to the Surfers Paradise Night Market, so I will report back to you a little late on with my night and purchases! I have not been feeling to crash hot today so I will also let you know how that goes (but Ive kept it quite as Matt doesn’t like hearing about it and kind of makes me feel bad L

Well we did get to the market at about 7:30 but left the bag with all our cardi’s and jumpers in the hotel (sigh.) But we went home and picked them up and got to the market at about 8pm ish. There was not much there and we didn’t end up buying anything to be completely honest, but we did get a photo done ($10) with a snake, which Hayley chose. It was the same people from the Reptile Park that was at the Currumbin Market and I am thinking we may have to pay them a visit before we leave.

The market has a beautiful scenery as it is located literally along the main beach with the waves crashing in the background J It was a lovely evening out and we had Greek type of food for tea which was super yummy for someone not feeling to crash hot.

17th October

Relaxing day was meant to be on the agenda today and relaxing it was. We made our way to Tamborine Mountain, which was full of rainforests and amazing sights.

The first place we stopped off at was the Skywalk, which cost us $40 odd dollars to get into and for me that was very over priced. It was a lovely walk but nothing you should have had to pay for, especially as much as we did.  We did the walk and took some pics then it was off to a waterfall for us.

Getting a little lost in the winding mountain roads was a little stressfull and then our GPS took us the longest way ever to do a U-turn and head back. But when we arrived at Carter’s Waterfall we were pumped. I don’t think I would have been saying this afterwards though, the amount of steps we had to carry all our stuff back up was insane and my legs burnt like crazy. It was worth it though and the waterfall was absolutely stunning and worth ever muscle burning minute.

So after our HUGE trek back up to the car we cranked up the aircon and decided to head back up Tamborine Mountain and find a spot to eat. We stopped at Eagle Heights and to be completely honest this is the best place I have ever eaten before. You can see Surfer’s Paradise for miles and loads of countryside and mountains around. Then there were also Kookaburras all around us and of course those pesky swooping magpies, which were gross and quite scary. I got some great shots of the Kookaburras though and they were lovely to hear singing while we ate.

After lunch we decided to head to the Glow Worms cave and again this was VERY pricey for what you get. The surroundings were stunning and I could have easily have sat down there for the whole day without even doing the tour.
But the tour went for about 15minutes and about 7 of them were watching a show and being told what we could not do!
Then we headed to Glowworm Avenue and were in there for about 5minutes before the sprinklers were turned on and we then had to leave the tunnel. The glow worms were stunning and it was like looking at a starry sky night but it was all man made caves and then a walkway full of the worms (which are actually maggot like not actually worms.)

Then we got a message from a friend that we should go and visit Natural Bridge while we were out that way. This was about an hour away from where we were but we had nothing else to do for the day so decided to hit the tar and go again. After a beautiful hour in the car watching the forests and beautiful green land pass by we were there.

Now this is something I would have happily paid money for and money couldn’t buy the photos I took there. It was a lovely short walk down before you could hear the roaring of water, this is when I knew I was getting close to the fall. And then we were faced with the natural beauty of the natural bridge. At night you can actually see glow worms in there in the natural environment, which would have been stunning. There is like a hole where a waterfall drops down into creating the most stunning almost romantic scene (if only!!)

We left the Natural Bridge at about 4:30pm and arrived home just a little before 6 as we stopped in at the supermarket for some essentials.  I had to buy some moisturiser as during the day I was rubbing my chest and my fingers became wet. That is when I looked down and realised my chest had actually blistered over and began to pop and ooze (TMI sorry guys.) No wonder I was in a world of pain a few days ago, my poor skin absolutely fried (literally.)

Tomorrow we are off to Dreamworld for all the shows and to also see all the animals and even get our photos taken J SAH MUCH FUUUN

18th October

WAAHHH not much longer and our trip will come to a very sad end L Not looking forward to it one little bit!!!

Today was all about the girls once again as we returned to Dreamworld to see and experience all the shows/things we missed.

So firstly we headed over to Wiggle’s World where the girls had their fun there and got to meet Dorothy and Henry the Octopus. We then ducked over the bridge to the Koala Sanctuary to book in our photos. Initially we were only going to get the photo with the koala but ended up buying a package of three, which allowed us to hold and pat a koala, snake and baby croc. This was a once in a lifetime experience and one I will cherish forever. In Melbourne you are unable to hold a koala because of all their laws and what not.
After this we plodded along and went to the shows as well as meet the different characters. It wasn’t the best day to be at a theme park as it was overcast and even rained throughout the day. But for the family and myself this was great as there were no lines for the rides and the sun wasn’t beaming on us all day and did not have to worry about re-applying sunscreen so often.

For lunch we went to the Buffet that was in Dreamworld and it was money well spent. We purchased 2 adults and a child and got a free endless soft drink cup all for $57, which we would have easily spent if we went to the food arcade.

We left Dreamworld right as it closed and decided we would come back on Sunday to meet Mikkayla at the Big Brother Section of Dreamworld.

For dinner we went to South Port Sharks footy ground (yes it was Aussie Rules not Rugby.) And I must say, if all our Melbourne sides complain about debt, or not getting enough money maybe they should take a leaf out of QLD’s books! Their bars/resturants are amazing and always get the crowd in. We paid $30 a head and it was an all you could eat buffet with Asian food, Italian Food, Cavery and sooooo much more YUMMIES!

Tomorrow we are not sure what to do and I think it will be a go with the flow kind of day and sneak the Outlets in there again before we leave kind of day :-P

19th October

Today we had absolutely nothing planned and thought we might try and hunt down a good market. So we made our way to Hope Island where I think A LOT of the rich come from, as they are massive houses with their own private bays.

When we arrived to where the market should have been it looked as if it had been deserted. So decided to turn right around and head on out of there and go back to the surf outlets.

I am so glad we did go back to the outlets as I did a huge shop and bought some pretty neat clothes and bags. Matt also bought himself a Samsonite like Billabong suitcase to fit all of our new stuff in to take home J I think it was a pretty cool buy to be honest!

Then we went to the TAB and put some bets on for the Caulfield cup, and it is fair to say I should have not bothered at all. Matt did have a win on the last race backing Fawkner and winning his money back and some more, which was good news!

Then we hung around home for a few hours relaxing and looking over the things we had bought and photos we had taken at the parks and what not (gosh there is a lot!!)

But after hours of watching races and loosing every single one I got over it and wanted to get out of the hotel room. I persuaded Matt to head back down to the Surfers Paradise Night Market only to find that it was not on… Major downer again, all I have wanted this holiday is to go to some awesome QLD markets and I have only been to one (Carrara) and it was not even that good!!

We went to Lonestar Tavern for Tea and the girls had a play on their playground and also in the playroom. I loved this tavern and it was beautiful to be able to sit outside and not be cold while eating dinner. Lately smells of food really get to me and can even make me feel ill and turn me off my food, so it was good to avoid this.

We are now at home and it is 9:40 and I am already snuggled in bed haha.

I am in two minds about our holiday coming to an end L Like I don’t want to leave as this place is beautiful and I have thoroughly enjoyed my first ever family holiday but I also really miss home and my Melbourne (and blogging to be honest. ) I cannot wait to see what packages have arrived and all the goodies I get to write about.

20th October

Today we had a little thing going where we knew what we had to do and places we had to be at and had a schedule to stick to.

Luckily for us Dreamworld opens an hour earlier on the weekend for season pass holders, which meant we had a little more time to play around.  The main reason for us heading to Dreamworld was actually to see Mikkayla and get a photo with her.

This was actually a lot easier then we thought, there was NOBODY there and we walked right up and even had a little chat to her and she asked Hails if she loved Mr. Clooney, which of course she did.

It was so strange standing and talking to somebody I watched on TV not too long ago and watched her go about her daily business. But she was lovely and you could tell what you saw in the house was a Mikkayla under extreme pressure and circumstances that pushed her limits.

But while we were there we went on some rides. Matt and I went on the Buzzsaw again each and I went on the Claw for the first time. That ride is not even scary one little bit and actually made me feel ill (and I had not even had any breakfast.) Then we went on the much loved (by our family) Log Ride.

After our log ride we were off and racing again in the car not knowing where to go as we got out of Dreamworld earlier then expected. So in the end we decided we would go and see what Pacific Fair was all about and stop off for lunch there.

I was actually really disappointed with Pacific Fair and it was nothing fancy at all. In my opinion it is very out dated and the only real modern thing in there are these pot plant chairs they have put in there and that’s about it. We ate lunch and left, I was extremely disappointed.

Now what we planned our day around was the V8s Gold Coast 600s Parade and signings. But before we made it to Surfers Paradise we FINALLY found a market that looked half decent, so we stopped off. After walking around the market for over an hour the only thing we bought was a hippy dress for Madison and one for me.

Then we finally made it to Surfer’s Paradise where the parade took place. The girls got some flags and a little beach ball, which was quite nifty. Walking down Cavil Ave afterwards trying to find the place where the drivers were doing the signings and a lady stopped us and said driver signings. So we went up and met the boys and also got two posters signed.

Hayley and Matthew also got their photo taken with the Meter Maids and also got a poster signed for $10. You have to pay $5 to get a photo with the maids as apparently it all goes back to charity or something… 

For dinner we made our way down to Mermaid Beach and had pizza down on the coast. Watching the moon pop up from behind the clouds was amazing and almost breath taking with the city in the distance.

Tomorrow we plan on going to Paradise country and seeing what it is all about, but if we are let down we will probably go to Sea World or Movieworld.

21st October

My very last night in paradise and I am hating every minute, as much as I could not live here there is a part of me that just does not want to leave. QLD put on amazing weather for our last night here to.

Today we went to Paradise Country and wish I never went to be honest. Don’t get me wrong the place is OK, but tiny and not really a place to go if you know about the land down under really. Paradise Country is more a place you would take loved ones that have come from overseas or those who are foreigners. I do believe the girls had a good time as they love their animals and they could get quite up close and personal with these. Hayley even got the opportunity to milk a big cow, which she thought was ace.

One of the main pluses for me would have had to have been the grub  J The food was delish and I left there with a very full belly.

I don’t think we picked the best day to do this either as there was a couple of massive tour buses filled with Japanese students there and they basically took over the park and did not leave much space for us to get a good view and what not. They also kept taking photos of the girls like they were the main attraction or something… Which I suppose was ok, but after a while it can get a little too much!!

Matt, Hayley and myself also got the chance to “mine” for some opals which was OK. It is basically a tiny little cave that has sand walls and little sections that are number where you can a pick (other end of the hammer) and chip away at your part of the wall, which is probably 20cms by 15cms (only tiny.) I found three little clay balls and in the clay balls were actually opal rocks, quite pretty but not sure it is worth $10 per person to be completely honest.

After lunch we hit the road again as there really wasn’t much for us to do and we were a little overwhelmed with the amount of tourists that were there. So we decided we would go for a brief visit to Whitewater World again.

At WhiteWater World the girls played in the Wiggles Water world for a couple of hours and then we were done. Matt didn’t get the right board shorts and the string was missing so we had to cut the trip short, but the girls had had enough and we told them we would swim back at the apartments.

And were not ones to go against our promises, after Matt finished off a CC and Dry we made our way down to the pool and went for a swim. We had the entire pool to ourselves and stayed in there for a few good hours, which was fun. It was also sad knowing that I would not be getting back in that heavily chlorinated pool, that made my skin dry out L There are soo many things I will miss about this place but I know I shall return.

For dinner we went down the Mermaid Beach Surf Club and gosh I was glad we did. I got them to put Big Brother on as the loved ones were coming back into the house and it was an episode I just could not miss. So we watched BB while eating our delicious and very affordable food, also the kids were very entertained with the small kids play area that was there. Had we known how good this place was I think we would have actually eaten there a few times!!

Not sure what we are going to do tomorrow as we have a few hours to kill between check out and the airport so I will get back to you when we hit the tarmac in Melbourne WAHHHHH

22nd October

So I have just curled up in a ball in MY VERY OWN bed, and I must say I did miss sleeping on my cloud like bed. But this also means that sadly our family holiday has now come to an end and we have to get back to reality (Doh!!!)

This morning we had to check out of the hotel at 9am but we were out of there by 8am as it just got to hot and there was no real need for us to just hang around anyway. We dropped the keys into the real estate and said our goodbyes to 2nd Avenue Apartments.

Then we went on our merry way to Coolangatta/Tweed Heads and stopped off at the beach there so the girls could have some play time on the playground there and hoped that would kill time.

It did not kill as much time as we hoped so we decided to jump the border and head to Tweed Heads where they were an hour in front of Coolangatta ,which meant that we could have lunch earlier. We did not quite make it to lunch as Matt took a wrong turn but actually turn out to be the best wrong turn.  Down this street there was the Volcom Factory outlet and also another little surfer one but found nothing here.

Then after we headed to Danny’s restaurant, which is located on Coolangatta/Tweed Heads Gold Club. Danny’s is a Asian/Aussie.Seafood buffet and was sooooo yummy and only cost $18.50 per head… Matthew well and truly got his monies worth going back for seconds and even thirds. 

When lunch was done it was time to head back to the airport so we could check ourselves in, but we didn’t even make it half way there before I got matt to stop at Kirra Surf which had a MASSIVE sale on. They had further reduced their already reduced prices by an extra 30%, which made for some fantastic bargain shopping!

Then we were in the air at 3:10 and arrived here in Melbourne at 6:30 Melb time. We left QLD on a 27 degree sunny day and arrived to Melb in 12 degrees and rain. The weather was so bad we had to circle around the airport for 30mins while a storm cloud passed by.  I will NOT be travelling again with Tiger Air though as our pram came out in Melbourne destroyed!!! The rubber on the hand rail was sliced right down to the metal and the brake had been ripped straight off.

And here I am writing in my last entry...sigh