Air Wick Trick or TREAT

Halloween with Air Wick

Halloween is approaching, and it seems that the holiday gets more and more popular every year.  For a fragrant, lolly-free Halloween, follow these tips from Erica Moore, Air Wick’s Fragrance Expert.
“I didn’t get enthusiastic about Halloween until my kids got to an age where they realised it was worth celebrating because people give you lollies for free at Halloween.  In fairness, I think the notion of dressing up and decorating the house also appeals, but a free pass to ask for treats must be hard to resist.”
We too are in the same boat at Erica and our girls are only just old enough to dress up and get into the spirits of Halloween. But I am not the one to send the kids around the neighbourhood (strangers homes) for them to knock on doors just yet. Halloween is very much an American thing and a lot of people actually get really angry when kids come knocking (before kids I was one of them.)
So instead we decorate the home and sometimes get people around for a meal and a little Halloween treasure hunt around the house, we do of course let the girls dress up as well. One of my
“A few years ago I came across a recipe for Pepparkrakor, which is a traditional Swedish spice biscuit.  I tend to bake it at Christmas time, but last year I found some Halloween cookie cutters and found it makes the perfect alternative to the standard Halloween treat.”
“Pepparkrakor has ginger, cinnamon, cloves and golden syrup or molasses in it – so the extra spice from the powdered ginger makes them a fun “treat”.  They also fill the house with a beautiful spicy-sweet aroma that really lingers.”
I” love the smell of all spices, but ginger in particular – which to me has both the energising qualities of a cold spice and the nurturing connotation of a warm spice, at the same time.  When I burn Air Wick’s Crackling Fire & Cinnamon Spice Multicolour Black Edition Candle after baking, it really enhances the spicy notes from the Pepparkrakor.  This year we’ll dot the candles around the entrance to let trick-or-treaters-know we are open for business.”

So now you may be thinking what all this could be leading to- well this of course if making our house smell lovely for the change of seasons and different events.

Thanks to Air Wick that has been made possible for us and our house will be smelling divine tonight J One main contributor to the smell is:

RRP:  $9.99
In Crackling Fire and Cinnamon
Our sophisticated new Multicolour Candle Black Edition creates an elegant effect by softly shining through the glass patterned window, casting enchanting shadows and patterns around your room. Like the original Multicolour Candles, the fragrance is complemented by a warm and tranquil glow that starts to illuminate through the wax as it burns.  Air Wick’s Multicolour Black Edition candles are perfect for dismissing those winter blues. 
-        Also available in Golden Winter Woods; Purple Blackberry Fig.

I have briefly mentioned these in a post prior to this one but I LOVE these. The first time I saw these were actually years ago on the carols by candlelight show where they had them around the camera. The girls also love these and love watching the multicolour lights flash on the front.
For me when I first received this candle I kept lighting and blowing this out just in pure amazement at how this light worked. As soon as the flame of the match came near it the candle would light up and as soon as you took it away it would stop. I felt like a pyromaniac or something, but I was just trying to figure out how this works.

Now after I got over the light I really let the candle burn and the smell was beautiful, very much a warming scent. I think it is more of a Winter smell rather then a Spring one, but I suppose in America it is Winter now. It is what I would imagine a cottage in the snowy mountains of America would smell like while sitting near a raging fire sipping on a cider.