World War Z is certainly a MUST SEE

Last night was a very rare Mummy and Daddy date night, anybody that has kids can relate when I say it is rare to spend time alone. But we were lucky enough to sneak away and use some old Christmas Gold Class voucher we were given.

We heard all the rave and talk up about World War Z, so my partner and I decided we would go and see it Now normally I am not the zombie type and I honestly have not watched a zombie movie in my life and it has never interested me. I will be honest in saying the only reason I went to see this movie was to see Mr Brad Pitt on the big screen. We took it to the next level as well and went and saw the movie in 3D. I can’t believe how far the movies have come these days and how well the 3D effects are.
 But this movie was extraordinary and wasn’t one of them corny all gore zombie movies, it was actually realistic and even made me say to my partner ‘I wonder if that could actually happen here in our time.’

The special effects are what did it for me and it was super realistic, and very detailed. And in 3D you really feel that you are apart of the movie and standing by watching everything unfold in front of your eyes.

There were a few parts during the movie that really made me jump and got the heart pumping.. And I will warn you if you are going to ask the gold class waiters to bring you some food half way to not come at a scary part. I ordered my partner and I a choc top half way through the movie and the waiter came just as it was at an intense zombie part. I almost screamed the cinema down and if the chair did not have a back I would have been on the floor. I was almost ready to karate chop that women into the next year, gosh it scared the living daylights out of me!

But with my last statement its not a FULL ON scary movie where you have to hide behind your pillow in fear, but more a jump out of your skin here and there movie.

I don’t want to be a spoiler but the story line to this movie is amazing. I would recommend this movie to anybody going to the cinemas and rate it a 4 and a half stars