I wish there was such think as a Swisspers Tree

I have found a product that any nail or makeup lover NEEDS. You know how you can now buy the remover pens to get rid of that extra polish that landed on your cuticles? Well these are the same price 100. All you need to do is dip it in the nail polish remover then easily remove any access polish.


Swisspers Dual Cosmetic Tips have a unique 'dual tip' shape, with a pointy end on one side and a flattened end on the other. This makes it easier to apply and remove your make-up, especially when it comes to those delicate areas around the eyes and lips.

The reason for me getting these though is for the simple fact that I hate removing my makeup near my eyes with the wipes, as I always tend to get it in my eyes.  They are also really handy when I put liner on the top of my eye and blink a little making the line all wonky, and stuffing the whole thing up. The end of the bud with the thin point is great to dip in makeup remover and they just correct the eye and blend the shadow back in.
As stated above these are also perfect to remove the excess polish away from your cuticles and give you that perfect mani. I have also used these to create a cute polkadot mani, the tip made perfect little dots on my nails :) 

I love all things Swisspers and really do wish I had an endless supply, but sadly they don’t make Swissper Trees :0( For example here is my 2nd packet of round cotton pads from Swissper that I use to removed my nail polish and also that hard to remove eye makeup.  I love these and this is one product I cannot live without EVER. I literally always carry them around with me or pop some in the baby bag just incase.

Specially designed to make your beauty routine easier, Swisspers round make-up pads are ideal for removing and applying your make-up, lotions, nail polish and cleanser. Made from 100% cotton, their quilted surface ensures that they're ultra soft, absorbent, hygienic and don't leave any messy fibres behind. What's more, their sealed edge means they're easy to remove from pack, while their strong fibres prevent tearing.