The Convenient Kitchen

I have found a company that has helped me mixes my meal times up!! I have been turning to the Internet for some new recipe inspiration but just end up clogging my brain and confusing myself with what I want to make.

Now I have found The Convenient Kitchen.
More than just a food delivery service, The Convenient Kitchen makes it quick and easy to eat delicious healthy meals. You will discover you have more time in the day to do the things you love… Whether that means time with the family, sneaking in another episode of Mad Men, or getting in an evening stroll around the block.

Now not only do I not have to search endlessly for meal inspiration I am also delivered the meals straight to my doorstep without a fuss or fight. So I don’t have to drag the kids out to the shops, which is quite a task as they get bored easily and then just end up wanting everything.

I was sent a 3 meal pack to trial. This starts off with an email at the start of the week letting you know all the products you need which are usually everyday products that live in your pantry already, after all why send products and make you pay when you already have them? Because of the long weekend I actually received mine on the Tuesday but you would get them Monday.  I don’t know if this happens with everyone but my delivery came at about 6pm when we were home so there was no need to leave anything at the front door.

My first meal to cook was:
Easy Indonesian Nasi Goreng
When I think of Asian meals I think of a lot of time and effort put into the dish, but when I read through this I was surprised at how easy it was. The pack I received was the couples pack, but this meal made enough for my partner, my two little girls and also myself with a small bowl left over.  It says to add chilli but I didn’t, both my kids and I do not like spicy food but my partner loves it. So at the end of cooking the meal I pan fried lightly the chilli and just mixed it into my partners portion of Nasi Goreng.
This dish was packed full of flavour and was so easy to make, the instructions that are sent to you are super easy to follow. I will certainly be making this dish again, and it will be written into my personal recipe book. This was my favourite of all of these meals and like I said, I will be making it again.

The Second Meal I was sent was:
Winter Roast Vegetables with Haloumi Cheese
At first I was not to keen on this recipe as my family are massive meat lovers and cannot think of having a meal with out meat. So what I did was made home made chicken pieces just incase this did not fill us up, but it did so I just froze the pieces for the next time.
We were sent an eggplant to put into this dish but we didn’t use it as that is one vegetable we do not like or eat. But that’s the great thing about these, you can mix them up to suit your family or needs.
Thanks to The Convenient Kitchen I have also learnt how to quickly roast up vegetables in the over. And that is to microwave the carrots and potatoes in the microwave to soften them up a little. Then you add all the other veges and cook till crunchy. Before this dish I had never in my life tried Haloumi cheese, but it is really nice and quite salty.

The last dish I was sent to make was:
Corned Beef with Steamed Vegetables and Mash
This would have had to been the least favourite of all the meals I was sent.. The sauce was to sour and very vinegar like and don’t know how it was meant to tie in with everything else on the plate. My partner and I also did not like the meat as it tasted very much like rubber with a vinegar twist. My daughter loved it cut up in cubes but that is about it.
I did however love the vegetables in this dish and the carrot I had been sent were so sweet and just melted down in my mouth. All in all thought I will not be making this again as it just doesn’t work for our tastebuds.. But we have never been fans of corned beef anyways.

I would also love to mention that all of this amazing dinnerwear was from the amazing ranges at Target Aus. Very affordable and make for great dishes.