Happy Lamb Rocking Creature

  Plastic Rocking Base and handles
  Soft plush finish for extra comfort(which is super soft and very easy to clean, although we sprayed our with some Scotchguard just in case.)
  Comfortable easy grip handles
This adorable little sheep arrived on our doorstep not to long ago and since then it has been used everyday, my daughter has even tried to take it into the bath with her.
One main thing I love about this is the handles and the rocking legs are made out of plastic, which in my opinion is much safer with falls as it is softer. Also the reason why I had to get rid of my other rocker was because of the fact that the rocker legs were made of wood. Madison was teething and crawled her way around the home and used to always chew on the legs, to the point where I found splinters in her mouth so in the bin it went.
My daughter is two and started walking at a very young age (9months) and I have had to accommodate her very active needs for a while now and only wished that I had found this early she would have loved being able to climb on this and rock away. But with saying that, the age she is now is just perfect for this toy though as she will just sit there rocking away watching her tv.
It was quite funny thought, because the other night we were sitting watching tv and Madison just would not budge off that rocker, she would scream as soon as I tried to remove her so I let her go. Next thing I know the rocking has stopped and I see two little arm dangling down the side of the sheep. She fell asleep on the sheep resting her head on the sheeps head. I wish I had taken a photo as it would have made for a great piece.
I did jump online though and there is an elephant made out of wood and a SUPER cute Hungry Caterpillar, which would be my favourite. I have actually been into Target and got really clucky over all the cute hungry caterpillar range that is there from clothing to nursery products. It makes me want to really go and have a boy, if only it was that easy!!

We will be keeping this ba ba white sheep for all of our kids and I am hoping the next is a boy so we can create a farm or catepillar themed nursey, enough pink for me I think :p