Applicator Tampon thanks to U by Kotex Review

Ok, so I know this is the time of month where men MAJORLY freak out – so best look away, you may get a little squeamish and this might come across as a little too much information. I would suggest any mummy or women out there who doesn’t like to talk about that time of the year and especially use fem-care products, to keep reading!!!

So this is where this review begins, and I hope that by sharing this with you ladies, it might open your eyes to a great product:

Applicator Tampon thanks to U by Kotex

When it comes to periods I only ever usually use pads because I hate the thought of popping my fingers in where blood is coming out and it just really doesn’t sit nicely with me. I know I have given birth naturally to two beautiful girls but this whole blood out of you hoohaa. I also hate using pads though because I get really heavy periods at times I can just feel it building up much more then it should be an sometimes to much for a pad. Ok, enough grossing you ladies out I think I am going to make myself squirmish.
But I would love to send a MASSIVE thank you to U by Kotex for supplying me with such an amazing product, which will literally change my life.
And that product is U by Kotex Applicator Tampons
U by Kotex Applicator Tampons product features
U by Kotex® Applicator Tampons are designed to be sooooo easy to use – with all the protection you need in a super chic and comfortable design. The combination of Perfect Touch Grip and smooth tip makes for easy and accurate placement.
· Unique soft grip; easy to grip and use for accurate placement
· Smooth, tapered tip; quick and easy insertion

· Individually wrapped & slim, so perfect to carry about in your clutch/bag or purse.

I don’t know that I will be using pads anymore while at home during the day. These products are just so great and so easy to use. I have two young girls, and I know that they are far off having periods or any of that but I know when they do I will certainly be letting them know about these. This is the most hygienic way to insert a tampon.

For me it has put my mind at ease when it comes to worrying about what germs are coming in contact with my vaj-j.  When I was younger and at school (which is when I had to use tampons.) I made my mum buy surgical gloves to that I could wear them whenever I had to insert a tampon. I even took them to school so that I would never actually have to come in contact with my period or pass any germs on.