Brought to you by Cold Power, the smart detergent brand you know and love, Cold Power Sensitive Touch is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and is free from perfumes to ensure sensitive skin remains free from irritation.
Providing a thorough clean, without a complicated routine, it’s as simple as placing the recommended dosage into your laundry load and letting it get to work. Not only does it work best in cold water, which in turn saves you energy and cost, it provides reliable results with minimum fuss – you’ve got to love that!
Cold Power Sensitive Touch,
RRP $14.99 Cold Power Sensitive Touch is available in powder and liquid, Top Loader and Front Loader, (2KG, 2L) in supermarkets across the country .
This powder has the lightest clean fresh smell to the product, so if you are one that likes making your clothes smell nice you may want to consider a softener. But with doing that you may as well just buy a normal powder as it would take away the sensitive touch side of things.
My eldest daughter Hayley’s skin can be quite delicate at times and could turn sensitive in a flash. And when it decides to be sensitive it will stay this way for a week or sometimes more. So I take every precaution I can which will include, no soap in the bath, no bubbles and of course making sure I try my hardest to wash her clothes in something gentle on her skin, I have found myself at times not using any detergent in the washing machine at all.
But now I don’t have to worry about that at all, I have Cold Power’s Sensitive touch to help my little Hayley’s skin. I can only speak highly of this products ability to clean and get my whites super white and my colours nice and bright.  I love this product and it will continue to live in my laundry.