Bundoora Park Children's Farm

Last night my sister stayed the night with us and had a cute little sleep over :0) mind you my sister is 17. We were talking over what we could do tomorrow (today) and just didn’t know what to do. Not wanting to spend to much as were really saving up for a couple of holidays we have coming up and also have the entire school holiday’s ahead of us.
 Waking up this morning we still had no idea on what we should do so I quickly jumped on the MacBook to see if there was any last minute options. That is where I found Bundoora Park Children’s Farm. For starters Bundoora is literally around the corner from us and I had no idea a farm existed.   So I was quite excited to see if this was any good and I would make this a regular visit. My kids love farms and animals so this was almost better then the Zoo for them.

About a month ago we went to the Collingwood Childrens farm, but I was very disappointed and it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. It was literally a little farm plonked in the city, although I would love to go to one of their markets to see what they were all about. But Bundoora Park Children’s Farm was AWESOME.

My kids were able to hold and pat rabbits as well as guinea pigs. And as we entered the Bunny shed there was a lovely fella named Billie who greeted us with a “Allo” of course Billie is a cockatoo and a very friendly one at that. During our time in the bunny shed we heard Billie mock the squeaks of the guinea pigs. You can also buy any of the bunnies you see in the cage for only $20- they are already so used to people and love being cuddled.

Then the next thing we went on to do is head to the barn and hand feed the baby animals. My daughters fed a bottle to both kids (baby goats) and also a cute little lamb. They are very hungry but at the same time very friendly, I even snuck a little feed in.

You can also go around and see the many other farm animals that are there such as pigs, sheep, chooks, alpacas, cows, kangaroos and more.

If you want to as well you can pay a mere $3 and have a pony ride, or $3 for a tractor ride around the massive farm. And if that is not enough there is a HUGE adventure playground there and also a smaller one for the little kiddies.

We will be returning and this time we shall have a picnic in hand. And I have also decided that for my daughters 5th birthday we will be heading to Bundoora Park as it is massive and has lots of different  playgrounds and rotundas with chairs and BBQ’s.