Leapfrog LeapReader

My daughter Hayley is 5 years on and a complete sponge, always wanting learn and just gets smarter each and everyday. So when I was given the opportunity to review the LeapReader I was very excited.

LEAPFROG LEAPREADER The First Ever Reading and Writing System Read. Write. Listen.
RRP $99.99ea
Suitable for kids aged 4-9 years, LeapFrog’s LeapReader is available from major department stores and independent toy retailers across Australia from 15 June 2013
LeapReader helps your child learn to build reading
fundamentals, sound out words, read sentences and trace letters.
But now that my daughter has the LeapReader I have already been given a shopping list on the new tracing paper and books that she wants to add to her collection. But how can I say no? She’s only wanting to learn so I am more then happy to buy her these and allow her brain to take in all the educational information.
Now that my youngest daughter who is turning 2 next month has seen Hayley playing the LeapReader she is eager to learn and have a go and she has been which is really good.
I love that you can also turn the volume up or down. When my daughter goes to bed she’s aloud to read a book and turns her pen down so it isn’t to noisy but then when she is up she can turn it as loud as she likes, and this thing does get loud!!
You also do not need batteries, so that saves you some extra cash. All you have to do is plug the USB cord in that you  receive with the LeapReader and it charges then reader up and also the LeapReader will automatically engage the Connect site and update your child’s information so parents can check on their child’s learning progress.
 I was wondering how on Earth this smart little pen knows how to read or project whatever I am writing on  so I had to do some research and find out how the LeapReader works and here is what I found.
With a miniature camera built into the tip of the pen which recognises dots embedded on the pages. The content is converted into the audio which has been downloaded onto the pen for that book. Each book has over 500 touch points which are interactive.
Then I also wondered how it wrote on the tracing paper and thought maybe it may have been some kind of magnetic tip or something. But again I didn’t know for certain and HAD to know, here is what makes this amazing product write.
The paper in the learn to write books is pressure paper that has ink
bubbles between the layers which burst as the child writes their letters
and creates the pencil-like marks on the page for them to see. By
pressing down on the paper with the LeapReader, children are able to
write, using the pre-printed gridlines as a guide. Thus, mess-free writing! The LeapReader is unable to write on any other surface. The LeapReader uses the camera to record how the child creates each stroke of the letters/numbers.

For further information on LeapFrog and its products, visit www.leapfrog.com.au.