Michelle Garden startedIndigo Sky Candles on the Central Coast of NSW with a simple mandate – to hand-make and sell high quality candles that enhance the good times we share with family and friends.
What’s more, Indigo Sky Candles has a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Plus, they eliminate excessive delivery charges being added at check out with a $10 Flat Rate Delivery Fee within Australia.
Free delivery for orders over $100.
Small$16.00 Large $20.00
I am a huge sucker for candles and these tick all the boxes. To start with the wax has been poured straight into the shoot of bamboo. Such a great look for my home, which I am looking to achieve the Balinese/Islander kind of look to the home.
They come in 3 different scents, which are:
 Coconut and Lime
Vanilla Raspberry
And then you can choose from three different colours; White, Blue, Purple
I was sent the Vanilla and Raspberry candle in white to review. Firstly I fell in love with the island smell and reminded me of my trip to New Zealand for some reason. The candle has been burnt four times now for about 3 hours each time and is still going strong. I thought after the flame went down a little it wouldn’t look as good, but it still looks great. The only thing is the fact it does loose a lot of light and becomes much more dimmer.
I will be buying these for upcoming housewarming gifts as I am sure my friends and family will love them just as much as I do.