Winter Whoah's

TOP 20 Must haves to save you from the Winter Whoah’s

I know I am not the only one that has them “turn to” products for the Winter season. And now that Winter has hit Melbourne, and probably most of Australia as a matter of fact, I have put together some of my personal MUST HAVES for my Winter Whoah’s.

For your hair I have a couple of products that are always my savior that number one is.... 


Head and Shoulders Anti-Dandruff shampoo and conditioner. They have brought out a new scent, which is Apple Fresh. I love the smell and it reminds me of biting into a nice ripe green apple, it is a really lovely smell for your hair. But not only is it a great smelling product it will also give you relief from that itchy head from the result of dandruff. I know personally when the weather changes from hot to cold my head dries out so bad at times it feels like my head is crawling and I just have to itch. All this is due to the fact that my scalp dries and out starts flaking (dandruff.) So I turn to Head and Shoulders to help me.
ALSO Head and Shoulders are able to help that man out in my life with Head and Shoulders for MEN. I like that they have created one just for men that smells a lot manlier then the normal one. One thing I can’t stand is when Matt walks around the house smelling like me haha! Also a major turnoff is seeing little white specks on his shoulder, it really grosses me out.

Another Shampoo and Conditioner I love  comes to me from the L’Oreal Range.
L’Oreal Evercremé Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner.
When I had received this little package I was sniffing the box out trying to figure out where this amazing smell was. I went and contacted my media contact to see if it had come from something in the office because this is a product I NEEDED. Then I found out it was actually the Shampoo and Conditioner that smelt like that. I can’t wait to wear this throughout my Winter, I have already received two compliments from these two amazing products. My partner also loves when I use this product :0) After getting out of my bath and using the evercremé products my partner sat there on the couch running his hands through my hair just smelling it until I fell asleep. If I get that every time I use this product I will never ever stop using this product. My hair was also left silky soft and I did notice not as much hair was left around the house either.

Now a hair product I cannot do without anymore is:
David Babaii Intense Repair Potion
This seriously is like a fairies potion that can magically make your hair look alive with in minutes.  Another thing I really love about all David Babaii products is their amazing smell! My hair is always left smelling like I have just left the salon after using them. If your hair is feeling the full force of the Winter chill and isn’t liking it like mine this here is your miracle turn to product.

Another treatment product I turn to for results is certainly
Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask $49.50
This is by far my favourite smelling product and I get swept away when in the bath and using this product. I don’t like using it when I have a shower, as I like the product to sit in there and soak up the product. Don’t get me wrong you can use it in the shower and have silky hair but the results are much better when you leave the product in there for a while. I don’t ever write about products I don’t like and often get back to the brand letting them know my negative feedback. But when I receive a send out from Moroccanoil it makes me silently squeal.

Then when I have finished washing my hair I love to use my           
Lady Jayne Ombre Combs
 They come in many different shapes and forms, which I love so much. I find that when I use a comb instead of a brush on my hair it dries a lot less frizzier (I hate frizz.) My hair does get quite frizzy in the colder seasons, especially when it rains so it lives up in a bun or ponytail. To mix up my look I like to use the Lady Jayne flexi-band. Which is basically a three-strand head band that easily grips my hair and keeps it right away from my face.

For my dry skin:
Lanolips Lovely Lanolin Herbal Treatment Body Oil
This for me is a product that really does stand up there with the best of the best like Bio Oil. It has a completely different smell and I quite love it, the smell is more of a Wintery nose unblocking smell. You also need only a few drops, for example two small drops will treat my entire arm and shoulders. This will be coming with my in my travels to Queensland as well, my list is forever growing.

Then of course there is the Bio Oil, which we all know and have heard of. I love the smell of this product and I also love the results I get with Bio Oil. Bio Oil can also be used with many things like dry skin, stretch marks, lip balm, nappy rash and so much more.

With Winter I don’t go out as much as I did in Summer but when I do I don’t like to cake the foundation on and would much prefer to allow my skin to breath. So that is where I love an amazing BB Cream. One that I like is

Garnier Skin Naturals Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream for Sensitive Skin, $13.95
 This is just a light coverage with great moisturising properties. I have never been one to use a BB cream but I don’t mind this whatso ever and it does lift the confidence a little more then what I would feel going out with nothing on my face.

Then to keep my lips looking schmick I like to use a little lippie or gloss. I don’t usually wear much eye makeup so brighten up my face with lipstick or gloss. A great lippie to try is

Maybelline NY Color Sensational Vivids Lip Color in Hot Plum, $16.95
A really deep, rich colour that is sure to keep my lips blinging. I also love Maybelline’s packaging, its really classy and makes my beauty case look great. This lippie also doesn’t end up on my teeth or dripping off my lips like some products out there.

Now I know I am certainly not the only one who gets super dry hands in the Winter. To help prevent the horrible dry hands I like to use a couple of different products. If anybody knows me they know I can easily get bored with the one product, and like to mix up smells and scents. So a couple products I love are:

Pevonia’s Multi-Active Hand Cream
This products relieves my hands instantly, and doesn’t have a major smell. The product is quite thick so you only need a little bit. When I begun using this I thought it may turn out a little oily just by looking at it, but it really doesn’t which is fantastic.

Philosophy’s Hands of Hope hand and cuticle cream
I love the packaging of this little beauty, as I love all of Philosophy’s packaging. The product has a light cream type smell but that is about it. If you do use too much you will end up with oily hands that leave prints everywhere. What I tend to do with this product is pop some little dots on my nails and rub them in. Then I will work the product down into my hands. So I don’t use much product what so ever :0)

ORLY Rich Renewal Paradise Hands, Feet and Body Cream
This is my favourite smelling product and I think there are a few different scents in the range, which is really nice. Like I said above I love to mix things up so this is a big plus for me. The smell is of fresh fruit and I think the pomegranate smell would be the stronger scent of the two. This is also the thinner of the hand products that are my favourite. It almost leaves a silky silicone feeling to your hands, which I love. This product lives in my handbag.

And making sure my hands are in top condition I love to pimp my hand out with some colour. But before I do that I have to ensure my nails are strong. And to do that I use
ORLY Nailtrition Nail Strengthening And Growth Treatment
This has a strong scent and I shall warn you it really will encourage you to stop biting your nails, the taste is absolutely horrible. Buuuuutttt that is where it will allow your nails to grow and let the product strengthen them. My nails have their moments when they decide they want to get brittle and just plain weak. This product will now help me to get them amazing nail swatches up :0) So I will keep you posted on my progress.

And for some colour I turn to OPI with my favourite
OPI Get In The Espresso Lane. Which is a deep dark brown, pretty much the espresso coffee colour. This Winter you will see a lot of this type of colour along with metallic and gold’s. I have noticed there has been a few blues thrown in the mix to and my favourite is I SAW..YOU SAW..WE SAW.. WARSAW. Which is a deep dark blue shade. I love popping a glitter over top.

With Winter comes Snow kissed skin… Said nobody ever!
For those nights I am going out and really can’t be bothered with tanning etc I love turning to

Le Tans Flawless Legs in Bronze
 Le Tan’s flawless legs is basically a wash off product that will last you until you wash it off. I actually used this last year when going to the races as I totally forgot to tans these pegs. I did not think it would last, but it actually did and I even got asked if I was wearing stockings. This product is a lot like a bronzing foundation for your legs. I LOVE it and cannot recommend it enough to my friends and family. I love that there is no streaks and you don’t have to worry about hiding your legs 6 days or so after fake tanning as it just washes away not fades away.
But when I am looking for a longer wearing tan my new bestfriend would have to be

Bondi Sands Light/Medium Tanning Foam
This a light fast working tanning foam, I think from when I applied it just after 15 minutes my skin tone changed completely. Then after an hour my skin became a rich bronze colour, I certainly was not left looking like an oompa loompa that is for sure.
A product that I seriously cannot live with out and is my Winter NUMBER ONE MUST HAVE is

Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil
Now this product also comes in a spray form, which is great to spray around and on your pillow to help you breath through the night. But I cannot tell you how much this product has helped me with the kids when the get sick. I pop a few drops at the top of their steam vapouriser through the night and find they breath so much more easier and there is so much less coughing coming from the girls room. There is nothing worse when the kids are unsettled and sick, because this means mummy is either sick as well or sleep deprived and unable to feel great.

A Must do for Winter: 

I would highly recommend packing up the car and taking the Kids to Disney On Ice show which is in Melbourne on the 4th-8th July and will be held at Hisense arena. I have been to a couple of Disney Show’s and have never been let down, so I am super excited about going to this one

Another thing that will help your kids get through Winter and also whatever is left of your sanity would be

Faber Castell’s Creativity For Kids Packs
My daughter sat there for well and truly over an hour creating her very own Pop-Art Accessories. Her favourite thing she made was her NEW kinder hairclip, which she loves and takes pride in. The day after she made it she went to kinder and told all her friends and even her teacher who informed me. These are a great idea for any boy or girl stuck inside while it rains. There are so many different mini kits and packs that you could never be bored.

And for those nights when you need to relax the nerves and just calm down then I turn to
Brown Brothers 2012 Tempranillo Red Wine

A light-bodied red wine that should be served slightly chilled. For me the best way to enjoy a glass of red is in a bath full of bubbles surrounded by candles for light. Either that, or with the Mr. over dinner :0) But when I am after a good drop with a good price I always turn to Brown Brothers. There wine is of a superb quality and one that is definitely worth a try.

Oh and for in that bath why not use some amazing The Body Shop products such as the:
Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel, 250ml, $20.95
 So while soaking in my bath this puts my mind at ease also. The smells of these products are amazing and really do set the relaxation bar high in the bathroom. I can easily travel around the world in just three nights, in three different baths; it is amazing. Again this product says body wash but I pop this in my bath (a little more then usual) and bang the bubbles are there. They all have sweet floral scents and my favourite by far is the Cherry Blossom scent, I used this the first night only because the packaging was pink.

And if your not set for Winter now you better start hibernating cause you may be in some trouble.

I know this post is getting VERY long now so I will post a second post with my Makeup and Face Winter Must Haves :0)
Then I will also make a separate post with some Winter WOW’s in Fashion this Winter.