Pilot Pens

 My blogger life has been made so much easier thanks to Pilot and their beautiful range of pens. I especially like the Begreen range because I don't feel as guilty as I do when using or throwing away normal pens... And then for my daughter who is 5 I LOVE the Frixion Range as it can easily be removed with a little friction. These aren't all that Pilot have, there is a massive range online here.

Pilot has launched a full range of recycled writing instruments called BegreeN. These consist of the same famous Pilot pens you are used to but in a recycled version, as well as new and innovative products that you have never seen before.
Helping the planet doesn't have to cost much as the BegreeN range are the same price as the standard range equivalent. The BegreeN range of environmentally friendly writing instruments allows you to make your own contribution to being environmentally friendly.  I love that there are pens that now help the environment, although I don’t think I have ever used a pen right to the end. But then if I think about it, loosing a pen I am sure somebody else will pick it up and use it or throw it in the rubbish. So no matter the situation the environment is better off.
The Pilot BegreeN range is made from a minimum of 70% recycled materials reclaimed from manufacturing.
I don’t think any other pen can compare to the way a Pilot pen writes, and how much of a smooth task it is. I love the fact that when I have used all of these pens they work as soon as the ball touches the paper, there is no need to scribble away until the ink comes out. There is also never a hiccup and the ink just writes perfectly without any breaks. The range is massive and there will be a pen for every situation and in any colour you may need. Being a blogger pens are a big part of my job and helps me immensely. I often write down little notes as I am trialing and reviewing products, and now I never have to shuffle through the house looking for a pen.
Pilot Frixion - the erasable range
Erases cleanly by friction generated heat, leaving no debris. If you make a mistake simply use the silver ball tip to erase. Rewrite immediately over your correction.
The range consists of the Frixion Ball, which is great for students and Frixion Light, the erasable highlighter.
The Frixion Ball is available in 9 colours while the Frixion Light comes in 6.
I will advise as Pilot did with me, it is suggested that you do not use these on legal documents. When these arrived to me for trial I was actually picking my jaw off the ground and having so much fun. I could not believe that I could easily remove the ink or marker straight off the paper.  My favourite of this range is:
Pilot Frixion Light - the erasable highlighter
The erasable Pilot Frixion Light is a unique highlighter with a chisel tip, perfect for everyday use at work, home or school. With no damage to the paper, you can easily erase your highlighted sections. 

The friction-generated heat caused when rubbing the paper with the special tip turns the ink invisible.
Colour Ink: Ink matches barrel colour. Available in yellowpinkgreenviolet,orange and blue
I often mark off those products and items that have been posted on my blog. Sometimes I make a mistake and then I can often forget that I have not even review the product as it is marked as posted. Now it really doesn’t matter if I make a mistake now as it can easily be fixed.
I will certainly be buying this range for my daughter to take to school next year, they are very easy to use and great for the little ones.  I will add some photos of swatches and how these pens work below and I know you will also be amazed and probably jump in the car or shop online to get your mits on them.