Éminence Celebrity Picks Gift Set Review

It is no secret that Hollywood’s hottest stars adore Eminence! Celebrities across the world are convinced that Eminence is the key to keeping their skin beautiful and healthy. Some of those celebrities include Jennie Garth and even Madonna! Now if this is actually used by Madonna and keeping her skin looking as good as it does at the ripe age of 54 then it gets the tick of approval from me. We are excited to introduce a gift set that will make you look and feel as gorgeous as a star! The exclusive Celebrity Picks Gift Set contains a selection of products that are popular amongst our celebrity followers.

Éminence Celebrity Picks Gift Set
Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum 15ml
For all skin types, especially dehydrated

Blueberry Soy Exfoliating Cleanser 60ml
For normal to dry skin types

Now I am only a young mummy being just 23 years of age and don’t have a wrinkle on my face (sorry to rub it in ladies.) But I like to use products nice and early to help maintain my young skin. I do not believe that anti-aging products should be used at an older age to undo all the wrinkles and old skin look. Why not start early before they appear and to help maintain your young supply skin.
I love these products thought as they smell almost edible, especially the Strawberry Rhuburb Hyaluronic Serum so much so that I had to lick my finger after applying just to see. But let me tell you this stuff certainly is not edible :/ its quite horrible haha. The best way to describe the smell of this product is freshly made strawberry jam, delicious and perfect for Winter.

But I love both of these products and will go on to buy the full size products. But for now these two product will certainly be coming with me on my trip to QLD they are the perfect size for travel. My skin just glows and is so moisturised after it.