OmVeda Baby Oil

My first impression was wow what great precautions were taken in packaging this product to get to me safely!! Which you don’t get very often these days!!
Then when I got inside the box I was amazed at how pretty the actual packing is, very modern and nice!! (As shown in the photo.)

Now the actual product is in a glass bottle and is in solid form! Proving that its not loaded with junk!! All you have to do is sit it in warm water while bubs is in the bath or when needed and it turns to liquid very quick!

I used this massage oil on both my kids after their baths, as my big baby (3years) still loves a good massage! I don’t blame her what woman doesn’t!!! Another thing I noticed with this oil is it didn’t dry out quick, well not at all it just set into my munchkins skin nicely and wasn’t very greasy! I will admit, I will also be personally using this oil on my skin as I believe its amazing!! :)

The smell is beautiful its not very strong, I would almost say it smells like raw coconut. Very nice!!

I will definitely be buying these product again! They are made of really good quality oils!!

The OmVeda Baby Massage Oil is made to a traditional Ayurvedic recipe to ensure your bub’s skin remains soft, smooth and supple while at the same time relieving and reducing skin irritations such as nappy rash and cradle cap.
Enhancing relaxation, soothing your baby’s skin, its gentle formula contains precious Bodhi, the nourishing properties of Fig, an excellent moisturizer and fruit from the Banyan tree.
This lightweight oil is easily and effortlessly absorbed and Mums can also enjoy the OmVeda Baby Massage Oil to keep their skin glowing and beautiful.  For best results pop bottle into a bowl of warm water and test on forearm before applying to baby’s skin. Safe for babies and toddlers. 

RRP $24 for 100ml. This will last a long time!! 

 Available from, salons and spas.  Jump on over to their site to see all the other amazing products from OMVEDA :) 

If you have OmVeda or used OmVeda please feel free to leave a comment to let other mummies know what you think!!