Hey to all my mummies out there!! My blog will be having a major make over in the next coming weeks to a month!! I Have had a long hard think.( Yes, it did hurt!)
I have decided I will be turning my blog into All AUSTRALIAN made and/or AUSTRALIAN OWNED products. And I will also be heavily focusing on natural and organic products that are out there on the market. After speaking to a friend, I have come to realise there is just too many harsh chemicals and what not in most products these days. Not a risk worth taking on my family!! I will still have products here and there that arent organic and natural but that will only be because the quality is high ( or the product really does what it says it does.)  I will not remove previous posts, but you will definitely see a change in future posts. I will be reviewing what I have now and then thats it! ITS AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE J