Cedel Dry Shampoo Dark Hair

CeDEL Dry Shampoo for DARK HAIR
RRP $7.99

This stuff is great. There is no need for that flakey, dandruffy look you get when using normal dry shampoo!! This smells just like Cedels hairspray, which I like as you can still smell your shampoo and conditioner!!
I get oily roots very easy and hate washing my hair everyday as the ends dry out, and well I just don’t have the time to blow dry and straighten my hair every day with the two little ones!! So this keeps my blow wave alive and kicking for days!!   Cedel also has the normal dry shampoo, which comes in a purple bottle. 
These come in two different sizes the 110mL and a 48mL which is a great size for chucking in your travelling bags!

You can go over to     http://www.cedel.com.au/    and see Cedels wide variety of hair products and oral range!!

You can buy Cedel from  foodworks, Coles, IGA, Franklins, Soul Pattison, Pharmore, Chemist Warehouse, MyChemist,Priceline and Pulse Pharmacy. You can also buy it online at http://www.cedel.com.au/  .