Carla Riva Bath Gel

Carla Riva Bath Gel
200mL RRP $19.95

This is more up my alley!! Easy pump nozzle, great smell chamomile, sweet orange and mandarin!
This is nice and freshly scented. The smell also lingers on the babies skin. I couldn’t help but keep sniffing my daughters skin. Its fantastic. I only had to use two squirts for each little miss which is really great!! I really enjoy using Carla Riva knowing that there is no nasties!! They also have a wonderful organic range which can be found on their site!!
Carla Riva Baby Bath Gel is sulphate (soap) free with a ph neutral formula minimising dryness and irritation. Combining chamomile, mandarin and sweet orange, this soothing blend is a gentle way to cleanse baby at bath time.
Follow with a gentle massage using Carla Riva Baby Massage Oil to create harmonious bonding with baby.
  Sulphate Free – Not Suds Free
  Minimises Dryness & Irritation
  Gentle Mandarin Citrus Fragrance
Carla Riva Baby Bath Gel is a great bath gel for the whole family, to use in the shower with a sponge or in a relaxing bubble bath. A gentle formula on the skin for people with Eczema & Dermatitis

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