Carla Riva Shampoo

Scrub-a-dub dub CARLA RIVA's in the tub!!

Carla Riva Shampoo- RRP $19.95
The shampoo comes in a big 200mL bottle (which is really good with two little misses!)  It is Chamomile,jojoba and mandarin! This is a beautiful mandarin smell, nice a refreshing. This will also go a long way as you only have to use a tiny little bit, no bigger then the size of your thumb nail!
Carla Riva Baby Shampoo has a ph neutral formula minimising dryness and irritation. This gentle shampoo has been blended with chamomile, jojoba and refreshing mandarin for their soothing properties.
  Sulphate Free – Not Suds Free
  Great for Cradle Cap
  Minimises Dryness & Irritation
  Gentle Mandarin Citrus Fragrance
Carla Riva Baby Shampoo can be used for the whole family without the irritation found in most adult shampoos.

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The customer service at Carla Riva is so good as well. You are made to feel very welcome!!