These toys are beautiful. Kimochis have come up with a genius idea of helping kids to understand, identify and manage their feelings in a great fun way!! I will be aiming at getting my kiddy winkles one each of all of these plush toys as the quality is amazing and they are so soft and squishy!!

Kimochis®- (KEY.MO.CHEE) which means feeling in Japanese.
Bella Rose-  RRP $49.95
 Size 30Cms
is very sweet and conscientious of others. She loves nature and is accepting of all the living wonders that the Kimochis® World can bring. Bella Roses sensitive side and ability to emphasize always has a way of bringing emotional balance to the group. 

This plush is amazing. Shes so soft and my little bubba #2 Loves her soo much!! She comes in a box with three of the feelings! My daughter likes stuffing her hand into the petals on top and loosing her hand!!

Cloud- RRP $49.95
Size 30cms
is a bit unpredictable. One day he is happy, the next he is angry, and then next day - who knows, maybe sad or even happy again. Cloud lives in the big sky and loves to travel across the treetops paying visits to all his friends.

This plush is adorable. On one side cloud is all happy with a little smile. Then when you turn cloud around he gets upset with a little sad face!! Cloud is very much moody and thats why my daughter number one is attached to him!! I told her hes much like her sometimes sad and sometimes happy! I explained when your happy cloud will be happy but when your sad hell be sad to!! So this has helped quite a lot in showing my daughter how her emotions affected people.

Lovey Dove- RRP $49.95
Size 30cms
 is sweet and nurturing and is always there to help smooth out a lumpy situation. If the Kimochis® had one mum they could all share it would be Lovey. Lovey Dove is a great cuddler. Lovey Dove has a big generous heart and is always there to help the Kimochis®

This plush melted my heart, with little pockets under her wings you will find a little baby turtle dove in! My daughter calls it her chicken licken (hey shes only three J ) I handed her this dove and told her this is a dove that you cuddle and kiss and show your love as you are a very loving loyal girl! And she fell asleep with her hugging her tight! 

I believe the whole kimochis range is a great way to introduce the little ones to their feelings and emotions and making them understand that little bit more!! We also received a very adorable book about cloud to review it was so touching, And something the kids can relate to!
Theres also a wide variety found on their site like this guys here::
You can also find a lot more educational things up on their site.

Just visit  and have a look at their great range!


In Australia, Club Kimochis® is dedicated to supporting children undergoing treatment for cancer. That is why we joined Koala Kids.

KOALA Kids, part of KOALA Foundation was established in 2006 and is committed to supplying engaging, educational and entertaining activities and programs to distract children and their families from the pain and trauma associated with the cancer journey and to keep them connected with their schools and social networks. KOALA Kids funds its own activities.

To support the important work of Koala Kids, a percentage of all sales from Kimochis® in Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific is donated each quarter

Check out their cute video!!