Roll-On Deodorant ( PINK)
RRP $6.99

I’m not generally a fan of roll-on deodorant! But I will say the smell of this is nice and light, really pleasant. The smell also doesn’t clash with your perfume, which is a big thing for me!! Im not sure if I did something wrong, but I did find it left that white residue(the one you really don't want while wearing black!!!)

Packed in a nice 100mL bottle, great size for my hand bag, when Im in need!!  Working casually in hospitality you need a deodorant that last, which this stood up to the challenge!! Nothing more embarrassing then passing someone their food and giving them a whiff of sweat!! YUCK!!

These deodorants come in a number of colours, which also mean different scents. The colours are green- Aluminium free, Yellow- Sport, Blue- Fragrance free and Pink- Regular.

 You can find this roll- on, on the toiletries section on Innoxa’s website shown below!

Another thing I really love about all Innoxa products is that it’s      

Description on bottle::: Roll on Deodorant for All Skin Types Dermatologically tested. Throughout the day, Free & Easy combats odour and perspiration to keep you feeling fresh. The quick drying formula is lightly fragranced for long lasting confidence.

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