Le Tan Flawless Legs

Le Tan Flawless legs
Size: 75g

RRP $17.99

This stuff is mummies dream in a can!! Sprays on so easily and if theres a build up you can just rub it into and blend into you legs!!
Its almost like a tanning foundation for your legs, without the terrible streaking, or the blotchy skin. And it just simply washes away!! This is great for me as I don’t often need a tan and when I do with the kids I do it on the day/night as I just don’t have the time to do it the night before or 24hrs before! It comes in two shades Bronze and deep bronze. I used the bronze and found this to be ok for me but for the ladies that already have some sort of a tan the deep bronze would be for you!

Their Description:: Long lasting leg makeup for bronzed, flawless legs.  Covering freckles, veins and imperfections Le Tan Flawless legs creates beautiful, smooth, bronzed legs for any occasion, day or night.  It washes off the next day and is transfer resistant, keeping your clothes clean and your legs beautiful.

You can find Le Tans range in Big W, Coles, Kmart, Priceline, Target, Woolworths, MyChemist, Chemist Warehouse and Pulse Pharmacy!

Stockists don’t always range all products.

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