Glamourflage Bella Blaze

Glamourflage - Bella Blaze Lip balm
Honey Lemon

RRP $10.95
Size 20mL

When I unscrewed the lid of this good sized gloss, the first thing that came to my mind was chocolate jaffas! ( don't know how this works as its honey lemon haha) YUM the smell is so delicious!!
When I applied it to my lips I could just smell the smell lingering!! Its super delicious!
I also noticed, unlike other lip balm this stuff actually stays on the lips!! It doesn’t have a flavor either, which in my opinion is much better as your not tempted to lick your lips all the time!
It also fits nice and snug into my clutch! I went out and I even got a comment from my partner when he kissed me ;P

This Lip balm has lanolin, Vitamin E and beeswax!  There are also other lip balms from this range you can find on their site such as: Daisy Delight( Cherry), Lotus Lily (Tangerine), Bijou Bec ( Raspberry),Magical Mary ( Peach) and Mellow May (Chocolate). I would def go check out their page as their ranges are always changing and they really do have amazing products!! 

Bella Blaze Lip Balm is available from selected gift stores and boutiques across Australia.
For stocklists you can call (03) 9867 5059 or check out their awesome website at

So who is Glamourflage??
Glamourflage products are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS and are AUSTRALIAN MADE!!! Glamourflage is a Melbourne based company!

Two thumbs up ( If I had more they would also be up.) J

They are also offering for a limited time FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50!!