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Summer is termite season and with 1 in 4 homes being attacked by termites in their lifetime, it is critical for homeowners to ensure they have termite inspections at least once year.

What a termite looks like- under microscope.

I know for this household, we learnt the hard way with termites and not sure if we still have them or not. We learnt a little while after buying this property that there must have been some termite issues in the past. The stumps under our house had been eaten out alive by termites, but luckily the people before us had to fork out to have the house re-stumped with concrete stumps.  If this were us that had to pay for this we would be looking at well and truly into the many thousands of dollars, as it is not an easy thing to do.

We still don’t know to this day if we are having any termite issues, but I make it my goal to look into this Summer to ensure there is no damage or issues- although I have spotted the windowsill now rotting away, but not sure if that is termites or something as simple as wood rot.

The damage they can do to your house. 

A recent survey of over 1300 Australians, conducted by Rentokil, found that over 70% of households with children are concerned about chemicals in and around the home.
While this is a concern, there are options out there, and in response, Rentokil have armed their local experts with a new termite treatment that’s safe for children and pets.

To highlight the need to be weary of pesky termites as the weather heats up, I have teamed up with Rentokil to offer a year-round protection plan for the home of one of my metro-located readers.

The average cost of termite damage is between $7000-$8000 and often not covered by insurance. With 1-in-4 Australian homes affected by termites in their lifetime, this is a great opportunity to protect against a widespread and devastating pest.

So the prize is a Rentokil Pest Control Year Round Protection Plan, which provides you with regular scheduled services throughout the year by a trained technician. This includes an annual termite inspection, unlimited service calls between services and professional recommendations to pest-proof your home. 

All you have to do to enter is tell me in 25WOL Why Termite protection is needed in your home?

Must be metro based in your city, Australia WIDE. 
Australian Residents only sorry.


WIN Termite Protection for your home