3B's Supports The Nappy Collective 100%

Some parents throw their un-used nappies out and others hoard them (like myself) for the next baby and then by the time the next baby comes along they are no good to use or you have forgotten about them.

After attending the Kid Business Bloggers Brunch in Sydney I was gob smacked that unused nappies could be used to change another parents life in a big way.

Some Mother’s and Father’s are a lot less fortunate then myself and cant just head up to the store to buy some formula, nappies and wipes. They are sometimes left to decided if there buy formula or nappies for the week.

I don’t currently have any little ones in nappies at the moment, although we are still wanting to expand the family so I am sure we will then. I know personally how quickly a little one will grow out of their nappies and in particular newborn nappies only last a few months at the most, but would make such a difference to a parent that has just given birth and couldn’t afford to buy a whole box of nappies.

The charity I am speaking of that I met at the bloggers brunch is The Nappy Collective.

The Nappy Collective collects leftover unused disposable nappies and redistributes them to organisations that support families in crisis or in need. Nappies are a basic healthcare need and lack of sufficient nappies can lead to an array of problems for disadvantaged families. So when you donate your spare nappies, you help these families to focus more of their time and energy on getting their lives back on track.

How can you get involved?

·      Donate your leftover nappies whilst the collective is on.
·      Volunteer your time, skills or help us sort and pack nappies. ( You can find details on their site).
·      Run your own nappy collective within your network and community (coming soon!)

Where can you drop your unused nappies off?

The Nappy Collective has many drop off points available throughout Australia. You can head to The Nappy Collective website to find the closest drop off point near you.

Now even though I don’t have any nappies to give this year, I will be heading to the shops and purchasing some and donating them as well as asking around to those that have bubbas so that I can donate a large amount and help a needy parent out, even if it is something as simple as a nappy which for a long time I have taken for grants; not anymore!