3B's Heads to Exitus in Port Melbourne

Looking for something different in the means of entertainment? Then have we found the place for you. Where your skills are tested and your friendship/relationship tried, to really see how well you work together or in a group.

For me it was Matt and I trapped and handcuffed together trying to escape, but for you it may be a different scenario.

Exitus invited us along to their place in Port Melbourne, to try out something new and fun.


Exitus is a real life escape the room experience that is unlike any other form of entertainment in the market. It is the latest team building & entertainment craze sweeping the globe across Asia, United States and Europe. We are proud to be the first and largest dedicated centre in Australia. The first Exitus venue is located in Port Melbourne with more venues coming soon to Melbourne and other Australian cities

Exitus Port Melbourne offer 5 different games with all different scenarios. The five different games are:
Prison Break
Casino Heist
Apollo Mission and
CSI Melbourne


The game we decided we would try and crack was Prison Break: It is not always innocent until proven guilty these days. You and your friends have been imprisoned for life and for a crime you didn't commit no less! With all the odds stacked against you and no chance for parole, there is only one way you will ever regain your freedom... Escape the prison!

It says on the website you are blindfolded but we weren’t blindfolded, glad we weren’t as well as it would have been super difficult.  But I think they should update this as it could become slightly misleading. We were however handcuffed together with a piece of chain that left about 40cms between us and saw us getting tangled a few times.

I don't want to go into too much detail and give too much away as this might be a little dampener on your experience, so it is something you will have to see and do for yourself.

You are able to get hints throughout the game by pressing the hint button in the cell, but are limited in how many times you can use it- we used it twice. An employee comes in and helps to better explain a hint or the next step to escape.

With 3 minutes and 20 seconds remaining we knew we couldn’t crack it and allowed ourselves to take in what we had achieved and let our brains relax as they were in overdrive. ( I won't tell you why we couldn't figure it out, but this would have had to have been the hardest part of the game and don't think we could have completed it anyway). 

It is fair to say my other half and I would never be able to escape from a jail!


If there was one thing I would have like to have seen in this room- I am unsure if the other rooms are the same is some more sound and lighting effects. For example the sounds of sirens would have been great to give it a feel once you escape from the cell as this is what will usually happen while in jail. It would have also been good to have a few little teaser voice overs telling you to hurry up or how much time you had remaining.

Also with lighting it would have been awesome to have flickering lights or siren effects to give you the feel of escaping from jail, rather then seeing all the marks and things on the wall that had been left from the many previous people before us.


The price to have this 45 minute experience is $38 per person, which if you have a larger group of people could be loads of fun.


I hope to see new scenarios at Richmond, which is set to open soon. But these are great and with a selection that is sure to tickle one of your fancies- for us it was either CSI Melbourne or Prison Break and in the end rock, paper, scissors ended in the favour of Prison Break.


Exitus Port Melbourne is obvisouly in Port Melbourne but more pacifically their address is:

23 Salmon St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207