Beauty Theory Brushes Keeping 3B's Makeup Flawless

To have flawless makeup you have to have the right tools or else you are doomed from the beginning.

Everybody that knows me and my makeup obsession knows that I love a good brush and have quite a little collection coming together now. But back in my high school days it used to be a eye shadow sponge, my hands and my fingers that did all the work. But I have come to realise that is where the oily look and breakouts come from, plus I can’t use hands and fingers when doing other peoples makeup any more.

This weekend I will be doing my sisters makeup for her other halfs presentation night, so have been on the look out for the perfect brushes.

That is when I remembered about Beauty Theory and their range of amazing brushes that are very cost effective.

My two favourites and most used brushes from their range would have to be

NEW Beauty Theory Powder Brush $10

This brush is designed to deliver flawless application of powder whether it is powder foundation, blush or bronzer. The brush is made of natural bristles, which gives me a piece of mind when wiping and fluffing something across my face. 

When it comes to cleaning though you have to be super gentle as you may just loose your bristles, I haven’t yet but I have heard of this happening. To clean your brushes just use baby shampoo and warm (not hot) water. Or a little tip I have found is too keep a wet soapy face washer and just brush it along that after each use.

NEW Beauty Theory Foundation Brush $10

You have to be careful when purchasing a foundation brush as some just don’t apply well and you look super streaky. The softer the bristles the better then work in my opinion.

This brush is also amazing for contouring and I often use it for the bronzing and lightening of my contouring creams, as it just blends and applies so well.

The bristles are two colours and are close cut meaning they are a lot firmer then the powder brush and a less wider application area.

Avaiable from most Amcal, Amcal Max and Guardian Pharmacies. You can also get these brushes online at

I would love to know what my followers out there use to apply their makeup. Are you a hands and fingers girl or a brush kinda girl?