The Body Shop partners with War Child this Christmas

Christmas is the best time of the year in my books. Generally the weather is good, the is lots of family and friends catch ups plus the awesome amounts of Christmas goodies that come on the market for the silly season.

Something about the words Christmas Limited Edition gets me every time without fail, even if it is something I don’t need I will buy it as a gift for somebody without even knowing who!

The Body Shop invited me out to the city last week in honour of their amazingly, delicious Christmas goodies and seasonal NEW scents. And one of my favourite Christmas releases are ones that smell great and can be used on the body.

So without a second thought I decided I couldn’t miss this event even if it meant leaving home before the sun was even up- can’t complain really as I wasn’t the driver that morning haha (thanks Sissy poo)!

So the morning was filled with Christmas festivities and had me wanting to go home and set my home up and get some Christmas shopping done (which I did, thank you the Body Shop).  We were greeted and then sat down to a big raw wood table with lots of Christmas decorations as well as breakfast and The Body Shop Christmas releases.

I want to try and base this post around the real reason we were invited to this event and not try and fade it out with too much product stuff, although you will see my small reviews down below.

The Body Shop has this year partnered with War Child to try and bring a little bit of happiness to children from all over the world.

War Child works in many different conflict areas around the world, helping hundreds of thousands of children every year. They are an international family of independent humanitarian organisations who work together to help children and young people affected by conflict. War Child International exists to create the conditions that will fulfil the protection, development and survival rates for children and young people who are living with or recovering from the effects of war.

This Christmas the Body Shop believes Christmas is all about making wishes come true. So they’ve teamed up with War Child, so you can send
a child to a class with every specially selected gift you buy. Giving has never felt so good!

We take going to school for granted and just send our kids off without a second thought for those who can only dream about going to school to learn a fraction of the things we do. After this get together I realised that when I take my daughter to school each and every day there is well and truly hundreds and even thousands of children that do not get this chance, and probably never will in their life.

So for me I want to be able to give to them anyway that I can, as I would hate for my children to not have something as simple (in our world) as education.  I vow that I will be going to The Body Shop and I will be purchasing their gift boxes for family and friends and giving back to the war torn countries and children that don’t have the right to schooling like we do.

Now I have touched base with the serious stuff, I want to be able to leave this post with a happy note so I will give you my thoughts on some of the Christmas releases I was lucky enough to try out.

There are three main seasonal scent releases this year and they are:

Glazed Apple
Frosted Cranberry
Vanilla Brulee

Glazed apple

Glazed Apple Gift Tin

Glazed Apple Shower Gel 60ml, Glazed Apple Shimmer Lotion 60ml, Glazed Apple Body Butter 50ml, Glazed Apple Body Polish 75ml, Mini Green Crinkle Lily, Silver Apple Tin. $39.95
Glazed apple for me is the clear winner and my favourite by far. This is the scent of our Christmas here in Australia as it is all about the fruit and trying to stay cool and fresh. I know personally at Christmas time I love taking a step back from all the junk and biting into a big juicy pink lady or granny smith apple.
So this scent for me has a significant connection to Christmas, plus the smell is beautiful. A sweet yet tangy, fresh apple scent- one I will love wearing this Summer.

Frosted Cranberry

Frosted Cranberry was a little bit of a hard nut to crack but once I started using it and wearing it often it kind of grew on me and I learnt to appreciate the scent. It certainly smells like cranberry, but that usually isn’t a scent I would associate with putting on my body but more for drinking! Ah well not everything is for everyone and someone (if not lots of ones will love this fragrance and wished they had never listened to me haha).

Vanilla Brulee

Vanilla Brulee could have almost been served to me on a silver platter. Although this is more a fragrance I would purchase and put away for the colder months that follow after Christmas, as vanilla for me is a warming scent.  A creamy sweet scent is what this little beauty will present to you, and one that my little ones adored- Hayley said it smelt like warm ice-cream, not sure when she ever has smelt warmed up ice-cream.

Scent wise that is what The Body Shop has come up with and I think they have done a great job, there are many different Christmas gift packs that have been put together with these seasonal scents such as:

Now to move onto the cosmetic side of things, and boy has The Body Shop turned it up this time!  Again these are limited edition so I would get in early if it is something you want as I wouldn’t want anybody missing out.

I want to start right off the bat with my favourite- the Geisha Doll Lip and Cheek stain ($32.95). I won’t lie I did have to ask the experts how to use this one as I almost made my daughter look like she had been whipped across the face with something.
 But when I got the technique right, the effect was beautiful and made it look like you were wearing no makeup at all and had a nice flustered look.

Then I was also given the Enchanting Eyes Palette 01 Frosted Pastels
Dazzle with glistening colours inspired by the season’s latest shades. $36.95 Now I am not exactly sure on these and still not completely sold as the pigment is very shimmery and can be quite hard to apply- not one for the rookies. 
I also noticed that once I popped it on the girls it didn’t really last. Don’t get me wrong the non-shimmery ones were divine and worked a treat, I was certainly happy with them. It was just the shimmery-pigmented ones that weren’t very great. This would however be something I would get the girls to play around with, as they couldn’t exactly do too much damage (except make themselves looks like a makeup machine had blown up in their faces haha).

Nikole Dee teaching me the gel eyeliner technique, which can also be doubled as a gel liner :-) WINNING

Well that is about all from me, and I bet by now your wishing I would shush up, luckily for you, you didn’t have to put up with my voice only my words- and if you didn’t like it you could click off and I wouldn’t have known any better :-P I hope you made it to the end though.

Keep beautiful ladies.