3B's heads to the Very Special Kids Fair 2014

Before attending the Very Special Kids Fair the other week, I had not much idea of what Very Special Kids did- except drive big giant pink piggy banks around Melbourne.

I knew it was a charity, but I had no real idea of where the money was going and how it was being used, and by going by their name I knew it had something to do with children.

Saturday the 26th November was the first time I had ever headed to Malvern, to experience the Very Special Kids Fair- and let me tell you I WILL BE AT NEXT YEARS! All it is, is a gold coin donation to get in- and that is only if you want to.

The first thing of many that touched me on the day is being told every single stall holder here had donated everything I saw from the kindness of their heart- nothing was so much goes to charity- the entire amount went back to the Very Special Kids foundation and all food and goods were donated by the stall holders.

At the fair in the market place there was rides for the kids, fruit/vegetables, plants, arts, toys, crafts, mixed stores and then there were a range of food stalls.


There was a real selection of foods from Greek to Italian and even some in-betweens like pancakes and cakes stand. I won’t lie I didn’t feel guilty what so every eating this food and we made sure we bought from all stalls as it was ALL going to charity.

Madison even got a gift from Santa


I couldn’t help myself at the plant store either and walked away with some real steals. I was super surprised at their prices of there medium sized vegetable plants. I picked up 5 capsicum plants and a pepper plant for $12, where as in Bunnings I would be paying at least $5 per plant if not more. You had to be quick though as the plants were literally flying out the door, quicker then you could pick them up.

Madison dancing with Bob the Builder


After buying some plants we then wondered over to the silent auction, which again everything was donated. We put our name down for quite a few items, and I couldn’t believe some of the low prices of the items there. I walked away with a MIMCO purse, which I have to pop away for Christmas for a tiny weenie $90- brand new and valued at $249!

All day there was live entertainment on the stage, first off it was Bob the Builder and then Angelina Ballerina made an appearance. 

So who are the Very Special Kid’s Foundation?

They are a charity group or hospice that provide care and accommodation for children with very sick children that have life threatening conditions. They also have a parents respite at the back where the families can come to stay, to get used to not having their little one around 24/7.

I was lucky enough to be taken through the hospice, and let me tell you when I left I felt a mix of emotions. Apart of me wanted to cry seeing those poor children in there, apart of me felt grateful I had two very happy healthy kids and then the mother in me LOVED the care and love those nurses were providing the kids in there.

I loved seeing the unwell children out in the lounge area in their beds, so they got a change of scenery and were always with a nurse. Each room had a different feel and there were so many activity/sensory based rooms in there as well.

I could not imagine being in a position where my child had a life threating disease, as a Mother you would never every wish sickness upon your child. Some parents have no option and it is the hand they have been dealt, and sometimes you need help or a little rest period where you can spend time on yourself. So I think having the Very Special Kids Hospice is a fantastic idea, and some beautiful staff are behind this charity group.

Back to the fair, it didn’t just stop on the grounds of the hospice. You could always cross the road and head up to the town hall to get some major bargains from some amazing designer brands. They were also all donated, but I don’t want to name any names- but I will say if you went there you would NOT be disappointed.

Keep up the great work VSK, I know any chance I get I will do my bit to help!