3B's Stays Sun Smart with ego SunSense

The Spring Sun really packs a punch so I have noticed the last few days. I didn’t think much of it until we came home from the park one day and realised Madison and myself had become sunburnt even though it was overcast (Naughty naughty)! So this made me realise it was time to get the sunscreen out again this year and start using it every single day no matter sun or not.

I make applying sunscreen a daily routine for my girls, they apply it right after they brush their teeth in the morning. This year were trying out a sunscreen brand that we haven’t really used much and giving it a run for its money.

The product that the girls have been using is the

Toddler and Childrens SunSense - Junior SPF 50+ 50ml Roll-On $8.95

The first thing I noticed this formula is a lot less oilier then their previous sunscreen, which is a huge plus. The other thing I noticed is that it is SPF 50+- now this is available in Australia I wont use any less of an SPF on the girls.

The smell is just like any other sunscreen- maybe a touch milder, which is that iconic scent of the beach in my opinion.

The SunSunse Junior Sunscreen is also:
·      Paediatrician and dermatologically tested
·      Fragrance, PABA and colour free
·      Contains Nicotinamide (Vit B)
·      Two hours water resistance
·      Gentle Formula

The roll on bottle makes it so much easier to apply, and the kids love rolly polly on their bodies while singing their song. It is also nice and compact so it fits nicely in my handbag.

Then the product I will be using on myself is the:
SunSense Ultra SPF 50+ Spray Trigger $17.99

Before I get on with my review and thoughts on this product I would like to point out the Ultra is also available in:
·      50mL Roll-On: $8.95
·      125mL Bottle: $10.95
·      200g Tube: $16.95
·      200mL Spray Trigger: $17.99
·      500mL Pump pack: $23.95
I think it is great that SunSense has given the consumer many different options with the size of the product. I personally like different sizes for different things like the car, my bag, beach and in the house.

The SunSense Ultra is developed with dual UVA/UVB absorbers. I like how easily both the junior and the Ultra absorbs into your skin, hello sand! You don’t feel like you have taken a dip in the fish and chip shop oil, although you will need a shower like with any sunscreen to remove the sticky, oil left overs. No matter what I think I would prefer to feel a tad oily and greasy then burn my skin and really do some damage.

So please, please, please this Spring/Summer I urge you to slip, slop and slap- if not you then your children need protection.

These products are available in pharmacies and Priceline Stores nationally.