Newa Anti- Aging Device Update

Hmm well I should be clear that at 24 years of age I don't sport any wrinkles. But like I was instructed this would be more a protection against aging, which means I couldn’t honestly tell you the results on my wrinkles until I am in my late 30's, if I have wrinkles it was a flop and if I don’t then this beauty is a winner.
I do like the Newa Anti-aging device just for the pure fact it allows me to do something for myself, nobody else. I also love the massaging effect the device gives me, which I think is where the magic lies. If it weren’t for this device I would never touch my face for a massage, and I think this is where it has been stimulating and tightening of my pores and gives me that tingle afterwards and feels like my skin is being lifted.
As you can see I made a post at the 2 weeks point, here is the link:
This was also my results at 2 weeks right after use. 
Here is what that post had to say about what the actual Newa device is if you haven’t already read my initial post-
Newa is a skin Rejuvenation System that reduces the wrinkle NATURALLY! Because over time our bodies do some pretty annoying things like loosing collagen, which helps give the skin its shape and keep it looking plump and young. Newa is clinically proven to firm, tighten and lift skin by reactivating your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen.  Newa claims to reduce wrinkles by just up to 45% in just 12 weeks of use, all in which you can do at home.
·      Long Term results- skin is lifted and tightened
·      Easy to Use
·      Suitable for all skin types
·      Highest Safety Standards
·      Pleasant experience that feels like a warm face massage
·      Powered by 3DEEP professional Grade Technology.
I think I will be handing this one off to my Mum to see what results she experiences on her wrinkles immediately as she has wrinkles in problem areas and the great thing about this product is it is also suitable for her age group. As for me though, you wont hear back from me until I am in my 30’s and by then you will be able to tell by looking at my face if this product worked or not J
I will come back to you early next year and let you know what Mum thinks and whether or not she gives her tick of approval and what not.

So on the left is at 2 weeks and on the right is after a month.

Here are my before and after photos, although it is difficult to show how the skin is tightened and the lifting sensation J I’ll let you be the judge.

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