Shop Naturally Vegetable Turning Slicer REVIEW

Healthy alternatives are very much the craze these days, with so many options available.  I have been apart of that craze for quite some time, following online recipes and was to make our family meals a more healthier alternative. 

One that I have been quite intrigued with but was yet to try, due to not having the right kitchen tools was the zucchini pasta. I love the whole concept and this house LOVES its pasta so was great to see that there were low carb alternatives all while getting in some good, nutritious greens. 

Thanks to Shop Naturally I was able to find a vegetable turning slicer. They also have a wide range of home and kitchen goods. 

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Chef Avenue Spirooli 3 in 1 Vegetable Turning Slicer - White & Green
$44.95 ON SALE CURRENTLY FOR  $39.95
·      3 interchangable blade options
·      Suction cups hold firmly on to benchtop
·      Make your own 'vegie pasta' quickly
The Chef Avenue 3 in 1 Spirooli is a high quality manual operation turning vegetable slicer. It comes with three interchangeable stainless steel blades that are neatly stored within the unit when not in use. The three interchangeable blades are:-
1. Angel Hair Shredder Blade (2mm cuts)
2. Spaghetti Shredder Blade (5mm cuts)
3. Flat Slicing Blade

Zucchini Pasta
You know what I found, yes this stuff tastes great instead of spaghetti. But the best way of having it is mixed in with some light low fat cheese and eating it in it's pure state and really take in the flavour, or for some added goodness add in some chopped avo. Next I am going to try out carrot pasta- or thin strings of fries.

So easy to clean all you have to do is rinse and dry.
Popular items to make with your spirooli include zucchini pasta (thick or thin), angel hair radish garnish, potato nests, spiral chips (normal or sweet potato) and many more. A popular item with raw foodies and also those who choose to cook their vegies.
This is what you are left with after slicing the zucchini.