The Colour Club Highpoint

 Yesterday was the perfect example of why something like Highpoint’s Colour Club is a great idea. I know personally the thought of shopping around Highpoint can be quite daunting as the place is so darn huge, let alone thinking how a little ones legs can cope with all that walking around. And I wont lie Madison’s favourite thing doesn’t happen to be shopping, she quite dislikes it! 
Highpoint has come up with a great idea to create a little kids club type thing where the kids come along and get creative, in a friendly environment surrounded by other children. 
Yesterday I was invited along to The Colour Club in Highpoint to see what it was all about, and I must say I walked away very impressed. 
Basically it is a space on level 2 right out front of Dumpling Plus which has little mini tables and chair, which seat little bottoms perfectly. And inside this little area from 10am- 1pm are kids activities for them to do and hopefully give them a little break from shopping. 
Madison with her traffic light fruit salad cup.

It was cooking class foost today where the kids made traffic light fruit salad cups for the kids. Madison got to learn about fruits and their colours and then stack them into a cup to eat while walking around (shopping!)
Madison decorating her hat before the inner chef came out.

For me I could use something like this to my advantage, letting Madison know if she can last X amount of shops then she will be able to go play with the other kids and create some things. 
I snuck about an hours worth of shopping in before this morning’s Colour Club and Madison was already becoming irritable and had more then enough shopping, using the toilet as her escape. 
It was a little difficult to get her out of The Colour Club though once the activity had finished but she was more then ready for round two in the shopping department- bless her soul. 
Our Cupcake Central Tasting Plate for three
She walked around with her cup of fruit until we made our next stop, which was Cupcake Central to grab a coffee and a little treat to eat. Madison was VERY quick to ditch the fruit and jump on the Cupcake bandwagon- I don’t blame her they were divine!!! 
Madison's babychino.

Madison playing around in Purebaby
After I chatted poor Amy’s ear off for probably a good hour we were off to our next stop Purebaby. I am all too familiar with this brand and absolutely LOVE their quality of clothing. I couldn’t help but walk away with these super adorable PJ’s for Madison (of course slightly Frozen themed)! 
These are the Pj's handpicked by Madison herself- good taste if I do say so myself.
Then for the last leg of our journey we made a stop into Crabtree & Evelyn where I was treated with a little hand treatment using there amazing products. I was even lucky enough to walk away with a little treat, my very own hand therapy in the scent Tarocco Orange- YUM! 
My totally amazing gift, which will be used until the last drop.
It has been a while since I have been to Highpoint, and I used to go there all the time until their massive renovation and expansion which had me feeling quite intimidated as it takes half a day to walk from one end to the other (not really, but you get the point). Today was a real eye-opener and had me looking at my diary to see when I could fit in a spot of shopping, or what excuse I could find for a new outfit! 
Thanks so much Highpoint for being beautiful hosts, and of course Amy- was so great chatting with you and having you show me around a few places :0)