Passion For Fashion- Coussinet

Every lady needs those few Summer Fashion Essentials statement jewellery pieces and items. As you can probably tell by now, this post was meant for the Summer, but time once again got the better of me- either that or my known ability to let things slide for a little too long. But never the less, I have been very impressed so far with this Autumn weather in Melbourne, it almost still feels kind of Summery! 

I was fortunate to be sent a few items, which then lead me to discover a Bohemian accessory paradise. The paradise I speak of is actually Coussinet! 
The word Coussinet is a French word that refers to a gorgeously designed sachet, filled with sweet-smelling lavender, which you might keep in your wardrobe to keep your clothes freshly scented and smelling sweet! It is an image that resonates with Coussinet because they want your fashion accessories to demonstrate this idea of a delicate, beautiful exterior reflecting the beauty within.
Coussinet brand’s emphasis lies in the expression of individuality with their designer fashion accessories giving off a funky, distinctive vibe. A Coussinet girl isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, or her scarf.
One of the stand out products for me would have to have been the pareo’s and wraps especially the Lotus Pareo/Wrap. I couldn’t think of a better product to have on a Summers day where the days are hot and the nights are cold. 
For day it is a lovely wrap that you can use as a skirt or even a short dress. 
Then by night you can wrap it around your body like a shawl, or even use it as a scarf to keep your neck warm, as we all know when you have a wind on your neck your whole body gets cold. 
Lotus Pareo/Wrap
Large pareo wrap or scarf with ochre tassels all edges.
105cm x 190cm.
I know I love a little bit of neck candy, what girl doesn’t right?! And lately with the warmer months I am falling in love with the whole bohemian look with a beachbum twist. I have made necklaces and bracelets out of shells the girls have collected for me, even used pieces of string and whatnot as bracelets- I just love the non-formal look I suppose. 
While exploring the Coussinet website I laid eyes on a piece that I knew I had to make mine as it was both different and pretty. 
This is the-
Bala Necklace

Multi layered chains with varied pendant charms.
I love the different layers to this necklace and saves me actually buying multiple necklaces to get the same look. If there was one thing I could change about this necklace it would probably be the leather colour, I would much prefer a more neutral shade such as brown, black, grey or even white. 
At the moment, and I am not sure for how long- Coussinet is offering: