Nylex Snakes... I mean Hoses to the rescue

 I have a very big love hate relationship with gardening; it is therapeutic but yet at times can get quite frustrating.
The roses stabbing me, a big creature jumping out at me, cutting myself (somehow) and then there is the garden snake! 
This snake is one nasty piece of work that hisses and occasionally cuts of the circulation. When it hisses water goes everywhere and even has me running in the opposite direction a couple of times- not cool, although I would say my neighbours have had their fair share of laughs on my behalf. 
This is because or snake is about 15 years old and was given to me from my Grandma, this snake is also referred to as a garden hose. I knew this was the main reason I was beginning to be turned off taking care of my garden and a water can lasted about a week before I decided Matt could take care of the garden. 
But before I threw in the towel and called it a day, Nylex came from the sky much like a stalk dropping a baby off at the front door.. Two-brand spanking new snakes- I mean garden hoses. 

Nylex hoses include the Knockabout, Heavyweight, Kinkaway, Never Kink, Never Kink Pro, Grey water & soaker hose. Hose fittings range from hose connectors, sprinklers, spray guns, rain gauges, and hose reels. Landscaping products include trellis, Gutter Guard, decorative edging, tree guard and even a sieve.
Nylex products offer the consumer choice; whether longevity, dimension or use, there is a quality Nylex product to suit every person and every use.
I was sent two hoses, one for the back and one for the front and this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as well. Before these hoses I used to just leave the hose out the front and come up on the front deck and hope and pray the wind was going in the right direction to help push the water onto my garden bed, which was on the other side of the yard. Don’t get me wrong it worked, but if the wind was blowing against me, I had no hope the water reaching my garden bed. 

So the two lengths I was sent were the 15 meter and the 20meter- the 15 is for out the front and the 20 metre lives out the back as it needs to go further out there. 
The Nylex Never Kink hose comes with a 20 year guarantee, which is almost as good as a life time guarantee and after 20 years I would have already well and truly got my monies worth in watering. 

You know how with the standard hose, after 3 months sitting in the sun it begins to crack and even become hard.. Well Nylex had their thinking caps on when creating this hose and have made them UV protected, to resist those nasty UV rays. I wont be able to review or comment too much on this, it isn’t like I have seen the snake put on his sunscreen or anything. And I think in 20 years time I would have forgotten all about this hose and couldn’t write about it any further. 

On the website it says the hose has 2.2mm thick rubber hose wall with 3000kpa burst pressure rating- but I cannot tell you what on Earth that means; it must be good though, right?! 
As you can tell by the name this hose is kink resistant- derrrr. But I put this to the test by walking around in circles, twirling the hose, twisting the hose, shaking the hose and basically having a spastic attack trying my hardest to get this hose to kink but it just wouldn’t. I suppose now more then ever hoses are becoming more and more like snakes, as I have never seen a snake get a kink! 
I am so glad my love for the garden has been re-flamed, and I no longer want to cut my snake into a zillion pieces never to be heard of again!