Scienceworks- Alice's Wonderland A most curious adventure

I have always encouraged curiosity in my family and my girls are very curious and love to explore the world we live in and surroundings.  

So an adventure out to Scienceworks had the girls more excited then Christmas time- almost, ok maybe about the same.  
Today I was opportunity to see the Alice In Wonderland exhibition at Scienceworks.  Just standing out the front of the exhibit my mind went straight back to my childhood, remembering all the things I loved about Alice in Wonderland; and then I remembered how petrified I was on the Queen and hoped that she wouldn’t be in there haha.  The sensory system will be set free to go wild and have an absolute ball while doing it. 

Some of the girls highlights from this particular exhibiton would have been the shrinking room, which had a little something at every single door you had to peep inside to see.  

Madison’s favourite was the Chester Cat mirror, where Chester Cat’s smile is lit up in a mirror and then slowly the face is revealed with that cheeky grin. 
I quite liked this as well and getting involved with all the placement cards around targeted more to the parents and older children.  

Hayley’s favourite thing was having a tea party and being able to break the cake into even amounts for the guests.  Hayley spent quite a while here on her own, using her imagination before her sister came along. 
This made it even more fun as she had somebody to socialise with and share all the tea party goodies with. 

My favourite thing was caterpillar and being able to move the poles up and down to see how a caterpillar would move! The detailing was fantastic and made for a lot of fun.  What you will see and experience in the exhibitionEnter Alice's Wonderland, where Alice's dream-adventure begins: at the stream-side knoll where she nodded off to sleep in her sister's lap.  Follow the White Rabbit into the Underground by crawling through the rabbit hole and "falling through the earth." Find yourself in the Hall of Doors, a room filled with optical illusions, scientific puzzles and surprises of many sizes! Test and experiment while at a Mad Tea Party, investigate geography in Digging to China, and understand animation at a Caucus Race. Challenge Alice and the Queen to a game of Crazy Croquet where balls in motion are surprisingly predictable. The learning inside the exhibition
Alice's Wonderland introduces science and maths concepts to young children and has plenty of interaction that encourages parents and carers to play and learn together with their children.  The exhibit naturally creates opportunities for conversation and mutual discovery as you learn about Alice's experiences in Wonderland. 
After we explored the Alice In Wonderland Exhibition we were then invited to a Mad Hatter Morning Tea, which for me was an absolute highlight and I honestly think these kinds of food should be incorporated into the café for guests to eat. I know if my girls were given the chance to pick a Wonderland Tea Party pack in the café that is the first thing they would go for.  
The treats were out of this world and tasted like they had been made for royalty- two thumbs up on the food department.  Then we were lucky enough to be able to take away with us these super cute cupcakes, which were designed around the theme of Alice In Wonderland. We cannot wait to re-vist Scienceworks and it is nothing like what I remember as a teen, although quite a few of the original activities still remain.  I hear there is a stellar line-up of exhibitions coming to Scienceworks including real dinosaur bones, not just casts.I think a family membership will be on the cards.