Melbourne Racing Club Benefits- Inglis Premier Sales

Usually a membership these days involves a seat at the game and bragging rights, but I've freshly become a MRC (Melbourne Racing Club) Member and I mean so recent my membership package is yet to arrive! 

And yesterday I found out exactly what it means to be a member of a club. This is exactly how every single membership teams attitude should be, not based around money and how much they can make but more about involving the members and making them really feel apart of the club. 

Melbourne Racing Club have around 11,000 members and yet I was a single member along with 6 others of that entire 11,000 that was chosen to come along on a journey of purchasing a horse to become the next Members Joy (although you would hope this one does a little better). 

Matthew and myself were invited along to the Inglis Sales in Oakland Junction, which is a beautiful property dedicated to the sales of quality horses that are destined to be race horses.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a team from both MRC and also Inglis and given a run down on the Inglis Property and what they are all about. 

We then met up with Arthur Inglis the director of Inglis Property where he went into more depth about the company and how long it has been around. 

This is where we then headed into the sales arena for a preview, which was empty but that would all change in an hour where the only room would be standing room as all the seats would have been taken by potential buyers. 

On the day as we wondered through the stables and yard we were surrounded by racing world celebrities such as Gai Waterhouse, Peter Moody and that's just to name a few. 

Yearling Sales in full swing.

If you're into your racing like us then the day was much like being invited to the Logies! 

Lucky is an understatement to have been given some tips from the finest in the industry on what to look for when buying a horse.

When we arrived to the Swettenham Marquee we were greeted by Adam Sangster who is Swettenham's Principal buyer. So this man right here is who would be putting his hand up when buying the next MRCH members horse. He spoke about what we was ideally looking for and let us know a few lot numbers and even had them come out for a walk so we could see them first hand.

Adam Sangster went through the whole walk with us and let us know where we're looking for when they stand still, what we look for when they go for a walk and all the pros and cons. 

Then Robert Smerdon who is the same trainer who trainer Members Joy and will go on to train the new MRC horse as well as many other amazing horses took some time to speak to us about training. 

It isn't all smooth sailing either, and again taking a yearling from the sale means a lot of time will be spent training. The horse will first have to get used to the stables and paddock and then of course will have to be ridden in and trained to be a race horse. It could be months or years before a horse is ready to hit the track and it is crucial to get it right. Smerdon was hoping to get a horse from the sales and have it ready by Spring carnival, but couldn't stress enough how much hard work that would take.

While near the Swettenham Marquee we were also introduced to Brad Spicer who runs Spicer Syndicates. 

I think syndicates are where most people start when buying a horse or wanting to play part in a horse and feeling like an owner.
The Preview Ring before the yearlings go in for sale.

You're not stuck with the full responsibility and just pay what you need to pay per month and have someone else do the hard work, but yet you can visit the stables and see the horse and be apart of the winners circle! I think if we were to ever want to be a race horse owner this is the track we would take.

Syndicators like Brad Spicer go to the sales, scout out the potential horses and then buy them. They then sell off a certain percentage of the shares in the horse and I think at Spicer the minimum buy in is 5%, which is the horse is successful you have so much potential to make money. 

The last person we would see at the Swettenham Marquee would be Matchem Racing who are yearling selectors. I didn't understand this part too much but I do believe they touch base on the scientific side of things and look into things like their heart and their DNA. They do on the spot tests including DNA and heart rate monitor.

This doesn't involve any needles for the horses or anything and just involves taking a sample of the hair from a horses tail, taking measurements and then of course ultrasound on the heart.

The MRC members group were lucky enough to see a heart rate analysis being done first hand. I thought this was really cool and interesting way of going about purchasing a horse. 

So when it comes to the MRC purchasing a horse for the members they go through all of these people and then vets before the right horse is picked and will be bid on. 

I was even surprised at the amount of TV celebs that were there and even sporting personalities.

Never again will I stand there on the sidelines and cheer on a horse just for the sake of a win. I appreciate the sport so much now knowing all the hard work and many of years it takes before that horse is even close to track ready let alone running down that home straight! 

So big thumbs up to the MRC for really making a membership worth while, and making you feel like you belong! 

It doesn't end there either!! 20 members will be asked to come along to each race meet that this new horse runs in and this will change each time so each member gets a fair go. 

You can also at anytime go to the three stables at Caulfield and see first hand the work the trainers do as well as get to see the horses and champions up close and personal. 

Can't wait to see what else my MRC membership will bring! 

If you would like to sign up its not too late and you can do so at- 

But for now I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that MRC finds a filly to add to the MRC family; a CAULFilly :-)