Bosch Clever Compact 10.8V Kit & GIVEAWAY

Having a man who sticks by one brand name of tools can be hard, and too be honest he has never given another brand a go. That was until the school holidays a little while ago, where I convinced him to try out a pack I was sent for review purposes. 

The first being sanding back and painting the front door, and a I need to give a big thumbs up to the other half for helping me out with this after all my pestering haha. I made it my thing to want to paint the front door, but Matt made me a perfect painting surface. 
The perfect painting surface may not have been made possible without the help of Bosch and their hand sander. I am not much of a tool person but lucky for me the other half works in construction and plays with tools every single day!  
Bosch PSM 10.8 Li Sander

This is a clever mouse hand sander that has a pointy edge, which allows you to get into small areas and corners. 
The sanding sheets that go onto these sanders is in two parts one for the top and one for the bottom. I think this is fantastic as our old sander would often either wear out more on the tip or on the sides down the bottom, which meant the whole pad needed to be removed where it doesn’t with these ones! 

Another little home task (which I set upon myself) was my Alex drawers from Ikea. We all know Ikea now don’t we, and the boxes that you are lucky enough to take home and have to assemble yourself (sighhhhh)! 

So I bought two sets of Alex drawers, which both needed to be put together from scratch. Boy oh boy and I lucky I had a Bosch Cordless Drill on hand.
Bosch PSR 10.8 LI-2 2 Speed Drill/Driver

Matt owns another brand of drill, which I have never been a fan of but he likes it for the brand name really. 
This drill however is the perfect drill for me, and I have made it clear to Matt we now have a HIS and HERS drill- this one being mine of course. 

His other drill was always to heavy for me and most of the effort went into trying to hold this massive drill up to the screw let alone putting pressure on the head to be able to push it in. 
The Bosch Drill/Driver how ever is nice and compact and very easy to use. 
My favourite feature though is how easy it is to remove the drill bit. All you have to do is turn the head/ screw it in the directions of the arrows and your done, much like how you would a bottle top. 
The drill bit it comes with has a Phillips on one side and a flat head bit on the other side meaning you just flip the bit and tighten again.  The Alex drawers had me turning the bit every two seconds, which I won’t lie on the second set of drawers had me going a little coo coo. 
Two thumbs up for the HER drill J

Bosch 10.8 Lithium Jigsaw

Ok, so I have never in my life held a jigsaw let alone used one of these bad boys and by the photo above you can probably tell if you have used on that I have the blade on the wrong way. 

Mr. M actually laughed at me when he asked me how he thought the jigsaw would be used and I gave it a crack and the thing bounced around like a kid on a trampoline. 

So he took it into his hands to show me how it went in properly and then showed me exactly how it was used. I was shocked with the difference it made just turning the blade around haha. 

You can make dead straight lines. 

Or you can make them more curvy then Kim Kardashian. 

I have loved using these tools but I am yet to find a purpose/job for the jigsaw, but I am sure there will be something come up in the near future. 

You an purchase each of these tools by themselves or you can buy them in a kit, which is much better value for money: 
Bosch Clever + Compact 10.8V Kit, RRP $199 (kit valued at over $340)

The kit includes: 
1 PSR 10.8 li-2 2 Speed Drill/Driver
1 PST 10.8 Li Jigsaw
1 PSM 10.8 Li Sander
2 10.8 V Lithium Batteries
1 10.8 V1 hour Charge
1 Canvas Tool Bag.
This is exactly the kit I was given for review purposes and now cant see myself converting to any other tools to be completely honest with you. 

The pack even comes with a Tool Bag, like a hand bag but for your tools J Even Matt was impressed with this! 

The Batteries are very compact unlike the other brand of tools the other half has and seem to last just as long as them! I also love the charger, which chargers up your battery in an hour- meaning there is no excuse for not getting back to work after a morning tea or coffee break! 

I shall keep you posted with my Bosch Reno’s and Revamps in and around the home J

For those of you who may be doing home reno's at home or just need tools to help around with everyday things, Bosch and I have teamed up to GIVEAWAY the exact pack above. 

All you have to do is enter below :-) 

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